Maybe it's because of our love for Queen B, but these two B-otches are my least favourite characters in the show. The socially-bloodthirsty gossip girl in me wants to figure out what clues we already know about them so we can predict what stunts they're going to pull to further mess up the show.

Plus I think we all deserve a little therapy of the character-bashing variety. Venting time!

With Rachel, I always knew there was something fake about her. My guess is that she isn't from Idaho (Iowa?) at all, but from NY itself. Dan said something about her 'riding the subway like a pro', plus anyone who calls Brooklyn 'that place with the bridge' is going way overboard with the fake-age. And a point many have already pointed out: no wholesome little farm girl would so readily go statutory.

As for Elle, so far the only crimes she's committed are 'skanking in the first degree' and 'unlawfully wasting precious episode time'. Throw in the offenses of 'horrible acting' and 'cliche hair' and we have ourselves a felon. It is absolutely ridiculous that C falls for her, considering that he only sort of spoke to her once, by weird sort-of candlelight, after she whored out to him without even getting paid by him. And if anyone tries to tell us that their little encounter when she's with Carter in the restaurant counts for something, they have another thing coming. I mean, don't tell me her monotonous voice drew him in.

Really I just want to speculate their downfalls (plus talk smack like there is no tomorrow), because a girl can dream, right? After five weeks of nothing, speculation is all I know anymore.


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I'm up for venting.......always. It's take down time, Queen B style for these two trollops!

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Here, Here! *nods in agreement*

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I don't think Chuck falls in love with Nanny-hoe.  I think he's fascinated in a "wow, you drugged me, that's kinda hot" way.  Do the writers really expect us to believe that Chuck's never scored a hot call girl before?  This is Manhattan & he is Chuck Bass.  Somehow I think she's involved with Carter & the whole thing is to set Chuck up for a fall.

As for Carr, I agree something is off.  Too bad it looks like B's Yale dream is going to die this episode because of this stupid story line.  I think it would have been much more interesting for B to VOLUNTARILY give up Yale for whatever reason (not really her dream, to stay in NYC, etc.).

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I agree about Rachel not really being from Iowa (it is Iowa, not Idaho). I think she stole the identity of a real Rachel Carr, although I don't have a clue why.

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yessss i'm totally sick of these characters. bleeehhhh. chair!!!

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I wish they would bring in guest stars who wre at least LIKEABLE. Aaron, Rachael, Elle, Jack, Georgina. All they did was screw things up. Though, Georgina made things interesting, I loathe her. And Jack is more loathesome. He can go burn in a hole. I somehow like Carter Baizen. Maybe not whebn he starts hooking up with Blair, but I sorta lik ehim. I never thought about Carr not being from iowa. She probably isn't. She's probably like a fugitive or secret agent or something. I'm glad her and Elle will be gone after this episode. I mean Chuck seriously? You can't fall for her. That's really stupid. And she is Not prettier than Blair. The most beautiful girl he's ever seen. Pshaw
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Sorry Bluck4evr, but looks like we're all in for more dissappointment...


I have a feeling Armie Hammer's Character and the return of Georgina are also going to spell disaster.

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I know, bluck4evr: Nasty Nanny the most beautiful woman you've ever seen, Chuck? Need we remind you that you were on drugs at the time? I think it's safe to say that Blair Waldorf is the most beautiful woman we've ALL ever seen.

I agree about guest stars messing with things, but these two girls somehow bring out a catty anger in me that no other ever has. Though B deserves to be given attention from other men after the abuse Chuck put her through, C is NOT supposed to be chasing skirt in the meanwhile. He's supposed to suffer through it, sulking with scotch and smoldering eyes (preferably shirtless. and pantless.) WRITERS IF YOU'RE OUT THERE, THIS IS FOR YOU: We Chair fans (so basically most, if not all, Gossip Girl fans) would be much more satisfied if Chuck pays his karmic and emotional due for all the heartache he caused Blair. Like you've established, this is a game, and it is all about both of them fighting for balance. She chases, he runs, then switch it up. If C finds new love in this HOEBAG, it will just be uneven. And who isn't about symmetry here?

My bet on Carr? She either completely made up the Rachel Carr identity, or is some psycho killer who stole her identity after she killed her in Africa or wherever she was peacecorp-ing her little heart out.

And as for Elle, she can go to a place that rhymes with her name, conveniently enough. And could she please take the GG WRITERS' PENCHANT FOR JUST PIECING TOGETHER PLOTLINES FROM RANDOM (AND CRAPPY) FILMS AND TELEVISION SHOWS with her? Honestly.


In all seriousness, I really cannot see what purpose the writers can pull out of their butts for Elle. She's the catalyst for C discovering a secret society that we still do not and will not ever care about? Hurrah. What's that you say, she's got some connection to Chuck's very dead mother who should definitely stay that way? Big whoop. Unless the words 'falls' 'off' 'cliff' and 'soon' are part of her story line, I think it's safe to say that none of us give a damn, if we even do after the fact. On the other hand, if the words 'brings' 'Chuck' 'closer' 'to' and 'Blair' are somehow in her cards, then by all means, bah-ring it on.

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As an aside, I almost lost faith in Chuck and Blair after the fiasco that was this season. When the Nair pictures arrived, I was very nearly converted.

But anyone experiencing a crisis of Chair faith should WATCH SEASON 1 AGAIN. It will remind you of why they were so effing epic and we love them.

The writers should probably watch S1 again too. Maybe then they'd stop sucking at life.

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