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rofl i know it's so sad because i've been like this since yesterday night and nothing can bring me down from it :) chair = the cure-all

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I've watched the full episode twice today, all the Chair scenes 3 times, and the ILY more times than I can count. So yes, I'm definitely on a Chair-induced high!!!

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chairisthebest - I'm exactly the same! Yesterday watched it twice (in pieces, the way they show it on the Canadian tv station's website), and once or twice in full. And the ILY over and over again... A few times just to help it sink in, then once each just looking at Chuck or Blair, then once again to see how the producers/directors wanted you to look at it (whose face was emphasized), then again to see their body language and chemistry...

They are a little clumsy and out of sync, but that is (I think to myself) both because they've been apart so long, and that the true and deep feelings are bubbling out of them so much, and are so honest, that they are learning to be together in a whole new way... It actually reminded me of a scene in Dawson's Creek, where Pacey and Joey are having dancing lessons, and their love on the verge of flowering, makes them awkward dancers...

What a fabulous episode... in some ways both more and less than I imagined... Hoping ridiculously and desperately that they will be posting "Spotted C&B" on the GG blog all summer... even Pacey & Joey had online postcards & journal entries, and that was years & years ago...

How the hell are we going to last 103 more days? Fantasizing??? LOL!

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