I thought we didn't like Norbuck, right? so the following eps may not suck so much??

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I hate Norbuck, so we can only hope (as pointless as that is) that the remaining eps won't suck so much, but ,yeah, the reality of this hot mess isn't very encouraging.

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I love that I hope for it 'not to suck so much' instead of hoping for it to be good ;) wow, this show sucks.

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Ok, gotta go now, run some errands on the way home and then I'll be back later for the live spewing viewing. :P

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omfg, i didn't reply to all your lovely messages.

first of all, my opinion on this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=goYaFRk3l5o&feature=youtu.be

head + desk


the whole "we can't be together" better be because bart is threatening him with blair and he'll soon come to his senses, otherwise ..... grrrrr, writerrrrrrrssss

aww that's okay but we miss you!!!

i miss you too! D: but i hardly have any time, infact, i have an english exam tomorrow and my teacher loves me and says if i don't have an a, bad things will happen ... and it's pretty hard getting an a in germany o.O

Hey Elena! Good to see you back! Sorry to hear school is a pain, but I hope everything else is good! :)

Yeah, we were celebrating my brother's birthday yesterday; my father complained and yelled, but he always does that, so nothing normal :)

and wait, what is STEVEN still doing there in EPISODE 8???

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Hi guys,


Just posting an ask that Maribells answered recently on her tumblr (maribells.tumblr.com), where she pretty much sums up my feelings about this season. Hope it can cheer you guys up (just a bit?) as we go into tonight's episode...


Anonymous asked: Are you enjoying the final season? I read a lot of either hate (bitter DBfans, so who cares about that) but also CB fans not liking the season and as a CB fan myself it kind of annoys me. Would people have preferred it to end in 5.24 with that ending? I just think we are lucky we got 10 episodes to try to wipe the memory on S5 out of our heads and no matter what they are doing with CB (the pact!) at least we have some lovely moments with them that are forever canon. Sorry for the rant :)



I am enjoying it, actually. I have some complaints, of course- Sage’s existence, Rufus/Ivy, Horses=oil, etc- but overall, I think we’ve gotten some good (and under-appreciated) scenes. For all of the characters, not just CB. And I totally get where you’re coming from, because it’s really annoying to enjoy an episode, then get on twitter and see nothing but whining about it. It almost makes you enjoy it less, because other people are being so negative.


I do also understand where other CBers are coming from, though. For me, it’s a matter of expectations. Just switching from DB awfulness to CB anything- giving each other googly eyes, making ridiculous OTT statements about pacts, inhaling each other’s breath, etc- is a huge improvement in my mind. I can actually watch the episodes without that awful feeling of dread in the pit of my stomach, which is how I spent most of S5. 


That being said, these writers are still the same ones that wrote S5. So it’s not like including some CB scenes was going to suddenly make them fantastic writers, and that’s why I think a lot of CBers are disappointed- unrealistic expectations. You can’t expect someone who wrote a shitstorm of an episode like 5x18 to suddenly grow talent out of nowhere and write a magical CB wonderland of an episode.


And no, CB aren’t going to spend the entire season engaged and snuggling adorably and having hot raunchy sex all over every conceivable surface- their ending was always going to be postponed, dragged out until the last few episodes, because they are absolutely the most important storyline… which means they don’t get resolved until the end. If they were less relevant or meaningful, like DB, they would’ve been dealt with by the fifth episode… but they’re not, so we have to be patient. 


I do feel bad for anyone who didn’t see that coming, or who thought that switching from DB to CB was suddenly going to return the show to its S2 heyday, despite the fact that the exact same writers are still writing it… but it is what it is.


And yes, I can think of dozens of better ways to have written this season. But that’s what fanfic is for. And until I can afford to hire Ed and Leighton to act out my stories, I have to enjoy what little of them we have left. And yeah, the last two episodes (well, the second 2/3 of 6x04, and all of 6x05) I really have enjoyed it.


Thanks for the ask! And don’t let other people get you down :) 

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you knw what I just realised?

it's pretty effing clear this goodman idiot has never seen season's 1 and 2 and I highly doubt even 3 and 4. If she had she would know that for 6 YEARS there has been some kind of kiss or love scene for chair iN EVERY.SINGLE.EPISODE.7. She would KNOW this, that pattern isn't just some stupid coincidence! EUGH

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Hey there everyone! Getting excited to watch in about 10 min. I'm so excited about the Blair/Eleanor scenes - they are always so good!!!
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Wow I hate Dan even more now. Dan is still being a judgemental prick. 

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This episode sucks. No cb scenes


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