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okay I still haven't watched the ep but ITA 100% completely agree with everything you said Sanaa. Especially these:



oooooomg someone please help me i think i'm going crazy. i'm hearing looney tune-esque phrases in gossip girl. i mean...how did blair waldorf say this?


I KNOW!!! so. much. cringing. and the 'don't be a grumpy gus' shiz. what the hell is coming out of her mouth, this is not real. *amillioncringes*




"you must be in 7th heaven." ooohh real clever, writers -__-






i love blair's disgusted look (though i think leighton used to do it so much better in earlier seasons)

yeah I mean I'm really happy that she gave him that look but...her acting, it's weird :/





and do they really fear him? it really looked more like hate.

the NJBC would never fear that loser. It's hate, all hate.





he has a plan. wtf. if this plan involves getting back into their good books, and if this actually comes to pass then the writers are high.


ITA and I know this is a huge possibility and it's going to make me really mad. 






also. why did they keep calling it Bass Enterprises in this ep? it's Bass Industries. or did the writers forget that too? -__-



ARE YOU SERIOUS??!!! these writers are so stupid, is this real. Maybe I don't want to watch this ep :P ugh it's bass industries you idiots!!!! :'( why don't they have brains?!!!





yea i'm with elena. the music in the promo totall ruins the effect. like i could see really epic dramatic shit happening but i wanted to laugh because the music was so cheesy! =P

yeah it was too much. It ruined the promo for me...SO SO SO corny and cheesy and OTT haha


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I'm sorry everyone, but I had to post this again. I'm really not a violent person in real life



oh Dede, you never have to apologize for posting a danpunch gif!! and I know, but even the tamest people couldn't resist punching Dan haha ;) feel free to post that as often as you want. I've been waiting for that scene for a long time. It was glorious seeing the NJBC finally turn on him, kick him out, and punch him. He is the absolute worst!!!



Elise - are you loving Arrested Development??? BEST SHOW EVER!!!!

yes Ellen it's great!! I need to watch all of the eps again because the writing is so clever! (I'm so not used to okay, let alone good, let alone great writing! but AD got canceled after 3 seasons and GG went on for 6?? sorry but what is wrong with the world?) 


Sanaa, you watched it too?? It's SO good!!!!

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I love this!! their hair! especially Blair's :'( I miss this beautifulness so much. And I miss Nate's manbangs. Serena has looked the same every season so no complaints there haha :)

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wow classic GG ws so so beautiful :') I wish we got to see Christmas this year. With Chuck actually happy (though at this point I think he may enjoy being miserable, ugh) and getting to celebrate with B, Dorota, Harold/Roman, Cyrus/Eleanor :') but no. we get to see Bart die, and that's more fun right?? UGH

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just watched the ep. Chuck was infuriating and basically just the worst until he asked Blair to go to war with him at the end. I wanted to throw things at him the first half of the ep :P I have no sympathy for him. He takes all of the good things (Blair, friends, etc) for granted and decides to be miserable and alone and I'm so over it. UGH


Dan is such a TOOL. He's all demanding of Serena even though 2 eps ago he was trying to get Blair back and their stupid 'thanksgiving together' is almost as nauseating and forced as that stupid british party Dan and B had last year :P I could barely look at the screen when DS was on. I can't do it, Dan with anyone is just WRONG. I hate him so much and nothing will change that. I fear the writers will try to redeem him somehow (by having him write a chapter on himself or something) but it won't work. So I hope they just let him be forever alone as he deserves. I hate him. and I couldn't care less about his stupid final chapter. I don't care if it's an apology or something, I DON'T CARE. And he will NEVER EVER EVER EVER be one of them. And they do not fear him, they despise him, as they should. Go to hell, Humphrey :P


Blair was surprisingly less annoying and a bit awesome this episode! finally she sees the light when it comes to the weasel!! this is how it SHOULD be!!! and she was so supportive of Chuck!! tbh I would've just let him wallow in misery because at this point, I don't think he'll ever let himself be happy. I'd be afraid to marry him if I was B. Unless everything in his life is perfect, he won't EVER be able to be with her or let himself be happy. He is so annoying and dramatic and just UGH.


Georgina's glasses were ugly. Nate and Sage, ew. Barry is a jerk and needs to go. Serena needs to just be single for a while. I'm getting sick of her falling in love every 5 seconds. Did CB ever have sex or no?? I know we didn't get to see it (or even a kiss) so I'm seriously angry about this. 2 eps left and not a kiss all season. I would NEVER have expected it to be this bad :P at least things will get interesting next ep!! :)


this was the best ep so far definitely! you were right K! 



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I LOVE THIS!!!!!!! and he wants to kiss her so bad when she's saying "i know." <3333333




THIS IS ALSO AWESOME! dammit chuck why didn't you just ask for help sooner?!


Sanaa, you watched it too?? It's SO good!!!! yup elena told me about it too! LOVE HER SO MUCH FOR THIS AND FOR TELLING ME ABOUT SUPERNATURAL!! <333 Did CB ever have sex or no?? yes. yes they did. in the shower. because chuck finally and completely randomly agreed to it. hell, he suggested it. and blair's not about to say no. so yes. they had sex. NO ONE WILL TAKE THIS AWAY FROM ME!!!!     and at least we know they're kissing next episode. outside the plane.      dan's final chapter better be about all of his flaws. if he goes through the whole effing series without even a minute where he realizes what a douche he is.....i will shoot myself in the knee.    
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yes. yes they did. in the shower. because chuck finally and completely randomly agreed to it


seriously. for someone so hell-bent on being miserable and NEVER EVER being able to be with the woman he loves (eyeroll) he gave in pretty fast :P


but WTF they FINALLY had sex and we didn't get to see anything?! WHAT THE HELL.






and at least we know they're kissing next episode. outside the plane. 

yeah but as Cyrus would say, NOT ENOUGH. I can't believe we get CB's first kiss in 6x09. This is so effed up and unless 6x09 and 6x10 are 100% every kind of CB-scene, I will be so angry. What the hell is wrong with these writers????! We didn't get anything in season 5 and basically nothing in s6 too (Blair STILL isn't wearing the ring. They STILL aren't engaged. EFF THIS!!!!!)



dan's final chapter better be about all of his flaws. if he goes through the whole effing series without even a minute where he realizes what a douche he is.....i will shoot myself in the knee.


I'm sure his final chapter will be about how he is extremely flawed, but for me it's not enough AT ALL. I don't want him to have a happy ending :P


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I still hate hate hate his hair :P ugh it looks so bad :(((((




he looked SO GOOD in s2 and 3!!! what the hell is up with his hair now?? I miss his s2 personality most though.

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It's weird, his hair seems to be taking so long to grow yet when you watch the promo for next epidode it looks similar to his hair last season, nearly even season 3!! I approve hahaha


can't get over hoe BEAUTIFUL this is :'(




I'm going to ball my eyes out!!


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