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Hey all :)

Is anybody here reading my fics?

Also, is anybody here on twitter? Follow me @redonesie

It's the main place where the GG fans are at right now!

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omg Elena if you're still around here, Nikita is KILLING ME. The writing is so fantastic I am in awe every week, it's crazy!!!!!


hey everyone!!

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this fic is so cute and funny!!! READ!

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hey Shan, Sanaa, WW, and Theresa!! Great pics as usual Theresa :)

ew I can't stand Taylor Swift and was on the fence about JS so just no. :P

Leighton's so cute with that baby though!! I love seeing new pictures!!











yikes that plastic breastplate thing is horrible and ruins this dress :P but without that, she looks good!



guessing that's leighton but I can't tell for sure...so adrian/leighton is definitely a thing haha



thanks for the many great pics! I don't know how you find so many I've never seen before!! :) 

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  okay I have no idea why I put this under that picture of leighton and that little girl but it's supposed to say 'cute.' haha I'm guessing that's her niece too!
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from 'god only knows' :)

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^^chace and his nephew

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