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First of all!! Thank you soo soo much Stella!!! I love you for making this thread.

ATC started to be a common chat Thread more than Chair thread.I hope people will come here only to talk about how they love epic Chair instead of battling and insulting.I respect all the ships and all peoples ideas,so please please we need and want respect for our Chair love from all the people around.

Thanks for your respect and concern.

I think I will post here more than ATC. ATC became a common thread even bashing on Chair.Please respect us all the friends out there.I hate fighting and battling.


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Mook (Butterflies Never Die)
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Yeah, i think im gonna come here more often than ATC. That thread is talking a lot about other stuff as well, this thread being strictly Chair is nice. Thank you Stella!!

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Yeah, a thread that is only for CHAIR! I think if you're a hardcore Chair shipper, you don't ship Chuck and Blair with anyone else! Woohoo!

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I don't ship Chair with anyone,so its nice to have a thread for only CHUCK and BLAÄ°R.

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Chair lovers!!! keep posting here more often to keep epic real Chair love alive!!!

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heyyyy! im posting here more often because the ACT dont really talk much about chair anymoree :( yaay new threaad.

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