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They stopped watching after season 1.

Now they are only making assumptions.

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So happy that they made the list..They are one of the best TV couples

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They should not have included any couple from GG on this list.


I mean Chuck and Blair over Willow and Tara?

I know rite?

Now I can admit that Chair are crazily popular, I mean in a time where a scarily prominent chunk of teenage girls hope to find love by leaving their bedroom window open at night while they sleep, it's understandable; but just why did tv guide have to go pander and grovel like a wounded mule on it's knees to these people? Chair? on a best of all time list?

Come on.

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say what?


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 Chair? on a best of all time list? Come on.

I think they probably took the "whole" picture of "CB" journey into consideration.

To me Chuck & Blair have an extreme & tempestuous relationship. The can be both horrible and wonderful for one another. To me S3 showed that the same dynamics can be healthy & wonderful or unhealthy & dysfunctional given the right context (...Blair's vows, Chuck's "I'm not Chuck Bass without you"...). I absolutely see their individual issues as the biggest problem.

Chuck's got some seriously effed up notions about love. The mere fact that he TRULY thought he and Blair could survive the IP? That says alot about how messed up Chuck is. I think Ed Westwick has said several times that Chuck is VERY damaged person for obvious reasons, lol.

Blair's love alone is never going to be able to fix him. The big hope for Chuck is that he's really young. If he was like a 40years old Don Draper that would be an other story, lol.

So anywayzZz, to me Chuck is someone that wants to be a better person and is definitely capable of love. But he's got some really messed up ideas about love, family, and especially boundaries. (He also has some really self-destructive coping mechanisms. That's what CJ was about to me. That and his tendencies to use people as objects when he's in pain) I have no doubt that Chuck loves and cares about Blair. But it's not always the healthiest love yet.

I've to say 3x17 was probably one of my fav. episodes of S3. It was painful but I thought it was interesting in terms of CB's dynamic and their individual characterization- I found interesting how the game of assasination played into CB's destruction. The way the writers deal with it AFTER was the problem for me.


But If I saw their story purely as being about a masochist loving a narcissist they would have no appeal to me. But that's not how I see Blair or Chuck. Chuck is not pure darkness and Blair is not pure light.


 Blah blah.... to the people who've read that: Sorry for rambling lol, (to each his own interpretation...) Call it fanwank but I think there were a lot of layers in what went down and it was far more complex than Chuck selling out Blair to his uncle IMO. 

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So happy that they made the list..They are one of the best TV couples


so agreement

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No, just no.  Fair enough that lots of GG viewers like Chair, but the GG demographic is very narrow.  There are TV couples on screen right now, who will be identified with by a wider cross-section of people, but who don't appear on that list.  To me Chair's inclusion in such a list just doesn't compute.

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they bring out the best in each other

come on... i feel sorry about the one who wrote the list, he obviously stopped watching GG by mid s2

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Blair actually has a family and people she loves and that love her.

Yeah, and Serena really cared about her when Blair needed a friend in 3x17 who told her not to do it. She sees her dad on holidays - which is barely enough. Her mother wanted her to be thinner and thinner before s1 and made her have an eating disorder. I don't really think Blair has such great friends...

So what's in it for her? (Also, what has Chuck done for her, EVER?)

Remember the thing with Columbia? That took 3 months and he even did it when they weren't together anymore. He helped her to get over Nate in s1 (not really his best work) and even kissed a guy for her.

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I mean Chuck and Blair over Willow and Tara?

I know rite?

Lol, this list isn't a competition if you haven't noticed that.

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