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The low positions of the heads 75' may thus be determined by the settings of the nuts 80' and these settings are, for safety of the machine, never higher than that for engagement of the shoulder 752 against the toggle arms.The toggle arms 76' and 7' are shown alike and of rail section,<a href="http://www.lightcrusher.com/solutions/sand-making-plant.html">sand making plant</a> each presenting an enlargement at one end to a socket in one side of the head 75' along substantially the length thereof and at the other end presenting an enlargement to a socket on the back of the anvil or to a stationary concave adjustable bearing 90.

The concave stationary bearing 90 supports the bottom of the anvil from yielding rearwardly and may comprise an angle member having a flat base seated along a horizontal surface 92' and a vertical back adjustably spaced from a riser portion 93 by suitable shims 94 between the bearing and riser.

It will be evident that the rib and socket joints at the ends of the toggle arms are very desirable. A division wall 98 suitably directly above the rocker axis, separates the hopper into effectively two hoppers 99 and 100,<a href="http://www.lightcrusher.com/solutions/copper-ore-beneficiation-plant.html">copper ore beneficiation plant</a> one for each side of the crusher. Raw charge material, which is usually uncrushed stone, is delivered suitably by a conveyor 101 and as a continuing process into one side of the'hopper as into the division 99, the corresponding side of the crusher having been adjusted at the shims 94 for relatively very coarse grinding. The more coarse portion of the product from the first side of the double-acting crusher is delivered continuously into the other side of the crusher and the final product, of which all will have passed through the first side and a coarser portion from the first side passed through the second side, may be graded as to coarseness in any suitable or usual way.

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