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At some point in the show i was expecting them to add a regular cast member and word is that Charlie may become a regular next season, are you guys exited/pissed to hear this. I don't know how i feel about Charlie at the moment i just think they should have cast Mischa Barton or someone who actually looks related to serena.

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This is kind of old news....

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mischa barton looks related to serena?? what? lol ,

really not.

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I'm fine with the actress. She goes. Charlie the character however, I have a problem with.

I have one warning for her: she needs to stay the hells away from Dan. Lol LIke seriously, just gtfo.. arghhh *fighter face* lol

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I'm kinda excited.  She's hot.  As long as she gets some sexy time with someone its all good (haven't seen half naked women on this show since Juliet).

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lol yea I don't have a problem with her!! ^^ I agree get away from Dan seriously he has Blair, Vanessa, Serena, Georgina we don't need another one chasing after him please.

I hope she becomes Nate's love interest or something!!

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Although she did have awesome chemistry when she was on the TV show The Mountain with Penn so who knows!!

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i hope she's a love interest for nate later on

and she needs to stay far far away from dan

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i don't mind her having a fling with dan. As long as if she becomes a season regular she doesn't become his engame. I want it to be Serena. We don't need another vanessa though. Also, aren't the girls of the show outnumbering the boys? Maybe they're trying to find someone who will be good with Nate in the end because as far as i'm concerned the poor boy is lost.

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If her character has a mean streak then I might like her as a series regular(not mean streak as in lame-o Bree or poppy lifton--mean streak as in Georgina or Juliet.)
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