stephanie savage and brooklyn bridge

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It's a photoshopped Derena scene.

 OMG its so prefectly photoshopped.

But Blairena, my would be so hot. It makes me sad the series is going to end without it having a chance. I'd ship it so fucking hard

Ughhh i know right.

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Serena and Dorota.

Cz right now Dorota seems be the only one who acctually cares for S.

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Look. Crackships happen on GG. Ivy and Rufus. Ivy and daddy Vanderwoodsen. Are GG writers taking any requests? How about Nate and Lily?
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Steven and Lily:)

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Yeah rufly. That happened too. N serena still kept dating him. Yuck.
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but it happened in the past. i wanna that it would happen now lol..^^

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Rufus and Blair.


seriously..can we just have Blair sings a song while Rufus plays the guitar :)

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Dan and Chuck (the hate sex would be awe inspiring) or Blair and Serena.

This show needs some slash to mix things up.

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Dan and chucks pi u mean chris? Lol.

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