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What's wrong wimme? Lol. I meant if you think Chuck is a good person, doesn't make him good and if I think he's bad doesn't mean he's bad. Its all about perceptions I guess.
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The episode was BS no matter who you were into to begin with. Anyone who says it was wonderful or that the past few seasons made sense is dellusionnal. They destroyed any ships that ever was to begin with...

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Ok I get it you guys wanted dair to be endgame but it did not happen.

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You know Prisilla, criticizing the finale doesn't mean you're team Dair. It just means you know what shit writing is.
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criticizing the finale doesn't mean you're team Dair. It just means you know what shit writing is.agreed. I hate dair with a passion and love chair but...I don't understand how anyone on any ship can call GG a good show (post season 2, especially post season 4!!) I have never seen worse writing in my life.

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also ITA Rita. It's our perceptions and neither of us are right or wrong. I don't understand how anyone can like Dan and find him to be a disgusting, abhorrent person, but you may feel the same way about Chuck! And we both have totally valid reasons for this. The one thing we can all agree on though is that this show used to be so amazing and now it sucks and the writing is indescribably horrible. :) so yay for that. Prisilla, I'm so glad you enjoyed the finale. It had a few things I liked and things I've been waiting for for years, but it wasn't even close to enough for me. I'm glad you're satisfied though, that's great :) we got our endgame, so yay for that!

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I certainly think they managed to destroy Dan in any way this season. Therefore the only thing I had envisionned for the end of GG was Nate with Serena(or Nate with Jenny :D ) , Chuck with Blair, and Dan as a homeless, friendless person. But NO! After revealing he is GG, the writers go to extreme lengths to end the show with a Derena wedding with Rufly appart and a short sequence of a Chair kid...WTH

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nobody deserves to die. but every single one of the characters on this show should be send into a mental institution


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In response to the O.P, Derena is the reason I watched this show from the start, I am super happy they got their happy ending <3

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I honestly think that Derena and Chair became equally representative of Gossip Girl by the end of it because they both symbolized the main themes of the show and what set Gossip Girl apart from other television shows.


Chuck and Blair represent the show because they were controversial and exciting, and thats what the show advertises itself to be. They were almost unrealistically epic, playing on the "heightened sense of reality" notion. The things that Chuck and Blair went through are things that are out of this world and not what the average person would experience in their lifetime. But on Gossip Girl it works. Blair Waldorf and Chuck Bass can only exist in the Gossip Girl world. I don't see how you could find a couple like that on any other show.


Dan and Serena on the other hand played on this "outside versus insider" theme and the whole "different worlds" idea. That is a key aspect of the show as well and a recurring theme. I do think that the story was somehow told from their point of view because Dan was Gossip Girl and Serena was his muse. Their status as a power couple on the show was elevated when we found out Dan was GG. It doesn't matter that Dan and Serena weren't shown as much as Chuck and Blair throughout the show, because when it came down to it you knew that they were meant to be together in the end.


I also think that it's unfair to hate Dan for the mistakes he made. He was right about a lot of things in the end anyway, but I think his key mistake was choosing Blair over Serena in Season 5. You need to understand that some people get angry at Dan because he genuinely acted like he was over Serena. I know that you think that you can find tons of evidence of moments where Chuck and Blair didn't seem to love each other, but everyone knows deep down that they haven't ever stopped loving each other since Season 1. When Dan fell for Blair, it honestly looked like he had stopped loving Serena. I know now that it isn't the case, but to be honest at the time, he genuinely looked completely over her. I never got that feeling with Chuck when it came to Blair. Even when Chuck dated Raina and Eva, you knew that he loved Blair. Throughout all his mistakes, you could never say that Chuck didn't love Blair. But during the Dair period, Penn Badgley was coming out with interviews saying that Blair is Dan's soul mate and stuff like that. Dan was way too in love with Blair for a lot of people to forgive him. So yes, Serena made mistakes in Season 4 with all the men she fell for, but did we not see how she kept coming back to Dan throughout that season? At least she was more obvious about her feelings than Dan had been.


The way I see it is, Blair and Chuck were the result of Dan and Serena. Dan and Serena were the introduction and conclusion of the story, and Blair and Chuck filled the in between. Chair were an offset of the world that Dan had created because of his love for Serena.


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