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Serena did forgive Dan instantly, because she's dumb and stupid.I'm so sick of people calling S stupid. Just because she is blond does not mean she is stupid. You can disagree with her decision to forgive Dan--that is her choice, but I really wish people would stop diminishing the character. It's just like in S4 when people would call her a dumb bitch for taking Dan for granted. All of these people have made mistakes. Frankly, I don't care about CB. I stopped caring about them years ago. People can hate dan all they want, but the show was not framing him being GG as a bad thing. It's one of those situations you either take it or leave it. The show got off track really early on because they kept switching show-runners. They went over-board with the drama, but they also knew which pairings they wanted together from day 1 and that didn't change (no matter how bad some writers wanted it to be different). It was a subpar soap that lost a lot of its charm, but I don't regret shipping DS and I will always love them. I really don't think it should be a competition. 

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This is my 1st comment here.. 

Well who are saying Chuck killed a helpless poor man just wanna ask them would you forgive the person who tried to kill you and threated you to kill people close to you?

Now you will say Bart saved him once.. if some one saves you once that does not give him the rite of killing you whenever he wants.. and Chuck did not push him.. it was an accident.. before Chuck could thik anything he slipped. A man who wanted to kill his own son can do any crime and kill any body. He is not worthy to be alive. He was a criminal and he got his punishment.. 






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