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The main character is a badass...Kinda like Blair but the difference is that the revenge character has not been ruined by cheap storylines like babies and princesses and princes....and I'M going to throw up now...

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Lol that show just starters . Blair was great season 1! Gibe that show 5 years and see what happens. Mostr likely will have a pregnancy or at least a scare
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Give** gosh the typos :(
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Revenge is totally worth watching.

HEY! Blair is still awesome nowadays <3

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Love Revenge, absolutely love it.

I'm obsessed with hat the heck Nolan is up to. Sometimes I think he must be secretly hding some evil intent and than there's just a small flash of decency underneath. Sometimes I think he's steering her towards Jack and trying to protect her from herself.

Personally I'd like the second option, because it would be less cliché than the first option.

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even i watch revenge..so far the shows not bad..i like nolan...his character is crazy kinda funny..i hope the show keeps being good!!!

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I want to watch it because I loved Everwood. 

Yeah, stupid reason but whatever. 

The problem is I am already watching enough shows, so I'll watch it later on the season. 

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REVENGE IS THE BEST<33333 I LOVE THE MAIN CHARACTER, EMILY THORNE. SHE IS EVERYTHING A STRONG FEMALE LEAD SHOULD BE, courageous, smart, savvy, sexy, and manipulative. I think it's going to be an awesome series and I do love emily and jack together<333 

Also, sometimes I feel like nolan has a crush on emily, but it could be just the creepy smile trololol.

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