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just wondering if im the only1 who wants nenny
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Yes, you are;) Serenate!!:)

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of course you're the only..serenate 4ever^^


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I love Nenny too...

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I love Nenny and here are my reasons.

1) chemistry

2)Eye Sex

3)They open up to each other about there problems

4)They kinda remind me of the movie "The notebook" in a way.

5)Forbiddin love..

I think that is it..

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i dont know why i like nenny more than any other nate couple (more than nv, ns and nb). its just that they seemed to fit really well and they are quite adorable together. and it made sense on the show, with i dont think any other N- couple did.

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well, I was shipping Nate/Jenny even back in S1, I liked them since 1x08 (though I didn't want them to hook up IMMEDIATELY, cause that would hurt B so much). Nate was always there for Jenny and they seemed to understand each other very good. I was a little disappointed, that they didn't go on a cute date after Jenny's 'I just don't wanna be alone on my birthday', but I guess it was more important to her to take Blair down.

They're one of my three favorite GG couples - the other two being Derena and Chair.

Well, I know that in the first half of S1 Nate was with, well, Vanessa, Catherine, this Yale girl and this whole Jenny thing had too little build-up, I loved it anyway. They were just too cute. And this kiss wasn't gross, it was fucking HOT. Come on, it's one of my fav GG kisses! This scene was just amazing, with this "you're not my father, and you're not my brother, so why do you care so much?", "because.." AWW. Effing hot. And I also loved them in There Might Be Blood, Nate was so cute and understanding.

Well, Nate usually annoys me a little, just a little (he makes up for everything in his looks), cause he's always so lost and confused, but to Jenny he's always the prince in the shining Armani.

And the 'forbidden' love thing.. What's not to love?

To sum up, I don't get why everybody seems to hate them so much. And the age gap excuse seems ridiculous to me, it's just a MOVIE. It's not like they're making out in real life, right?

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Coming into a nenny thread only to scream "NO! SERENATE 4EVER" equals absolute fail.

I like them better than Serenate : D I didn't really like the way they were handled in S2 (b/c Nate was such a man-whore then and it seemed kinda strange he wanted to get into Jenny's pants the moment he moved in at the Humphrey's) but I'm definetly for a do-over.

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Oh yeah and they remind me of Lucus and peyton.

6)He saves her from trouble.

They kinda remind me of love storys..

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I actually loved Nenny in the last book aka I Will Always Love You . On the show I'm not so sure . They're kinda one of those couples I  like but I can live without .. :) 

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