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Okay, sort of a random question, but I was just curious if there was anyone on here who ships 2 ships with the same person in both ships...Like, I ship both Dair and Derena.  So between the main 5 characters, the choices would be:



Dan and Blair

Dan and Serena


Blair and Chuck

Blair and Nate

Blair and Dan


Serena and Dan

Serena and Nate


Nate and Blair

Nate and Serena


(I expect very few responses to this thread lol.)

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I used to ship Derena as well as Dair until the Ben sl.  Now it's just Dair.

Although, I have always had a soft spot for Nair.  I would not be upset if they came around again, however unlikely it is.

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I like Dair. I also like Nair.  I also like no end game at all.   And I like single Serena.   She seems a lot more grounded, a lot more focused, and a lot more likeable. 

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Hanna - Dare to Dair
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I used to ship Chair and I still have a soft spot for Chair season 1-3!

I never shipped Nair, but I do like that one sex scene in season 1. That's really beautiful!

Now it's all sbout Dair for me!

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I used to ship Chair and I still have a soft spot for Chair season 1-3!

I'm going to admit that I do too.

And for me -

Blair and Nate

Blair and Carter :-)

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I'll always have a soft spot for derena but i like dair now
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janine: yay! i'm glad i'm not the only one

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That's a really interesting question, the main couples I like have different people, Chair and Derena.

But I did really like Serena and nate, I always had a soft spot for them! So yea, to a lesser extent I like Serena with both Dan and Nate

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FlAmingA... I probably shipped both dair n derena till end of seasaon 4 but not so much now. Tho I still feel bAd for serena sometimes.
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i love Nair always have always will.. I was in love with Chair in season 2 n 3..but now i'm in love with Dair..
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