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1.Russel Thorpe kidnapping Blair and then have time to have a glass of water but not to chain Blair or at least taking her mobile.

2.Russel Thorpe's plan. Make the empire building go off by charging it with gas. Yes with a lighter in his hand and just pressing it until it explodes at some point.

3.Chuck not wanting to open the door in order to hear Blair finishing her speech about him. Yeah it's just a crazy man kidnapping your girl and could harm her anytime, so it's ok to wait.

4.Chuck holding Blair in a soap-opera-like way after crashing the door instead of deflate Russel.

5.'' Thank you for saving me. '' Uhmm if I got that right the rescue scene was about 8 seconds, including Chuck running in the door and holding Blair while Raina prevent Russel from blowing off the building.

6. Everybody just walk out the building after saving Blair. It's not like Russel could have escaped.

7.The Bar Mitzvah dancing ( slow motion ), chair and sex scene. Enough said about that already.

8.Vanessa going to a random publisher claiming that she's the representative of Dan and get all the money send. Ok I also want to live in a city where I just claim to be the agent of Stephenie Meyer or J.K Rowling and then get all the money.

9.David Russel's and Cecily von Ziegesar's cameos. How many words did they spoke ? Like 5 ?

10.Serena reading the Beautiful and damned and actually claiming to have understood it.

11.The director to hire a random person just because she quoted something from his book.

Agree ? Disagree ? Write down what you think. 

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Agreed. All of that makes sense. Let's not forget the random pregnancy test in the trash. The whole show seems to be going to Hell in a handbasket. 

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lol this show simply wants all of us to turn off that part of our brain which processes logic and sense. do that, and EVERYTHING IS BRIGHT AND PEACHY AGAIN. 

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AGREE. Exacly the reasons why I wasn't incredibly impressed with the finale. And honestly, Goergina? Sorry but I have always loved her character but found her appearance in this episode quite pointless.

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12. Useless pregnancy test in the end. We all know it's gonna end like Dan's Milo baby storyline. In a stupid and not-entertaining way. 

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But when did Gossip Girl ever make sense?

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Totally agreed. This show is beyond ridiculous.

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I love Chair, ok? But their slow motion and sex scenes were sooo lame, I had to stop watching, seriously.

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