I am really tired of all these comedic promos the CW are making, jesus when are they going to realize that gossip girl isnt a comedy nor do people watch it because of its witty dialogue, they watch because of drama, and all seasons had amazing dramatic promos besides this one! Terrible promos so far! But atleast you can never be dissapointed for the episode because the promo makes it look shitty.

either way cant wait for the return of J!



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it was a super lame promo but im so excited Jenny is gonna be in it, but then im also sad that i have to wait an extra week since there's no new GG next week :/

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^^^ I know! I seriously cant wait for jennys return! ahhhh! I wish we could have it next week!

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This has got to be one of the worst promos ever. It looked so amature and everyone looked like a bad actor in it

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Actually, they made pretty intense and dramatic promos during the last season, it didn't work very well so they're just trying these comedic promos for a change.

For the record, I hate it, but the ratings are slowly getting better.

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I can't hear what Jenny says... Give it up Blair WHAT??!!!

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who she gave it to, meaning her V card

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This has got to be one of the worst promos ever. It looked so amature and everyone looked like a bad actor in it

agreed. showing a pathetic blair dream sequence in promo = fail

trying to make jenny's return, and drama look comedic = epic fail

i seriously wish they could make decent dramatic promos with dramatic music and intense moments lmao

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Will be kind of interesting if Dan and Jenny were to team up against both Chuck and Blair.  However, messing with Blair would probably have a negative impact on Dan's relationship with Serena, so I'm kind of torn.  Ah well, it would still be interesting to see.

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I hope chuck and blair to get pwned by little j

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