I'm no longer complaining about the lack of a Chuck Bass birthday / Bass Industries storyline because they totally made up for it with this.

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More: http://www.broadcastingcable.com/blog/ADverse_Atkinson_on_Advertising/13343-Upfronts_2009_The_CW_s_Newest_Client_Bass_Industries.php

Looks like CW ad sales chief Rob Tuck broke the first deal of the upfront. The client?Bass Industries, the company owned by Gossip Girl’s Chuck Bass.

Bad boy Bass himself (that is, actor Ed Westwick) slunk out on the stage delivering a hilarious speech about his buy.

“These are turbulent times, missteps are unacceptable, mistakes unforgivable. Even broadcast networks aren’t safe from this downturn. [Beat] Enough about NBC.”

And the programming? “Most of it works just as well with the sound off,” said this busy romeo. “The CW is a must-buy. I’ll bet my Ascot on it.”


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CW loves Chuck Bass too!!! awww...

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LOL!  That's hilarious! I wonder what Ed thought?  He obviously had fun with it to some degree...

Actually they should've worked it into an upcoming episode for S3 because that'd be pretty cool.   Make it seem like "Chuck" is making a presentation to "Bass Industries," instead of CW.

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is there a video of this?

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He's selling CW to the ad buyers as Bass Industries is one of its "investors", seems like it.

More: http://www.thrfeed.com/2009/05/cw-upfront-live-blog.html

Westwick, who looks like he applies self-tanner with a trowel*, amazingly pulls off this upfront stage visit better than Simon Baker, Laurence Fishburne or Neil Patrick Harris at the CBS upfront. Having a character that can address in a humorous context the issue facing advertisers makes the skit work and the ad buyers are smitten. 

More pics:

And another article: http://www.televisionwithoutpity.com/telefile/2009/05/cw-vampires-and-models-and-bac.php

The VP of Sales, Rob Tuck, came out and I braced myself for 15 minutes of boredom, but instead he threw out a few stats about the network and then said that they were really excited to introduce a huge new client that they landed. It's an account that they had been after for a long time. It's... Bass Industries. Naturally their CEO was on hand to talk about why he decided to affiliate himself with The CW. Ed Westwick came out on the stage at the Theatre at Madison Square Garden, in character, to talk about the tough economy. He says that the net "targets an audience that I understand -- young women." He tells folks to "enjoy America's Next Top Model, as I have... or you could watch it on TV." And he put in a plug for a raise for the cast of Gossip Girl. It was funny, very much Chuck Bass-style and filled with sexual innuendos -- about what you'd expect.


Haven't found any video yet. :( But I can't wait for some Bass Industries action in season 3! 

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you have to love ed westwick/chuck bass!


and i know.. the action will be intense!

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LMAO... I really need to see this on a video clip!

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You know, I have to say that is pretty damn funny and clever of them. At least we know the writers still have some creativity somewhere inside.

And that is quite a big compliment they gave him against the CBS speakers.

Hopefully, this is the Chuck Bass they bring back for S3.

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