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oh my!

i just read that Ed is going to play Heathcliff in the new film adaptation.

if you have read the book, you know is going to be amazing for the part (:

natelie portman was going to star too, but do to schedule conflicts now the role of Cathy is for Gemma Artenton.

i know ed is going to rock (:

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I haven't read the book but I'm sure that's gonna be an amazing, cause It's Ed! :D

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 yea anything he is in i will watch cause he is amazing

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Oh my God! This character fits so well! If you read the books you will understand,

Heathcliff and Cathy love is so epic as Chair love!

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2 Brits :) yay ahhah i love Gemma Artenton!!!! it will be interesting to see Ed play Heathcliff im sure he will live up :)

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i'd love to see him portray Heathcliff..i think he'll do great in a classic! this movie would definitely put him out there..but his schedule would definitely be hectic for the next few months..

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Yeah Charlotte Waldorf Heathcliff and Cathy's love was as epic as Chuck & Blair's, but far more tragic.

In the Tom Hardy & Charlotte Riley version, Charlotte's "Cathy" married their neighbor Edger Linton (who in that version totally reminded me of 'Dan'...which Facking Alpha would love because he wants Dan/Blair as endgame ) because "Heathcliff" left for three years to pursue is fortune.  Anyway, "Heathcliff" eventually comes back and "Cathy's" all over him and wants to continue their affair (and I think Heathcliff did too )  but eventually in retaliation (and because Cathy can't fully commit to him) Heathcliff pursues & marries Edgar's sister Isabelle, but only stays married to her for 9 months because after awhile he can't stand her since she isn't Cathy.

 Eventually Cathy becomes depressed, missing Heathcliff and being bed ridden from her pregnancy, she climbs out the window and searches the moors (or fields/meadows) searching for Heathcliff in the rain.  Heathcliff finds her, holds her close and brings her back home, much to the chagrin of Edgar.  Soon Cathy catches pnuemonia, and ends up dying in Heathcliff's arms of that & early child birth.

In most versions, Heathcliff commits suicide soon after that (terribly sad), however in the Hardy/Riley version, Heathcliff lives another 18 years to wreck havoc on the next generation by forcing a marriage between his weakingly/sickly son and Cathy's daughter...who happen to be each other's first cousin!?! Then after Heathcliff's son dies, Heathcliff himself commits suicide!  TERRIBLY, TERRIBLY SAD!!!

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In the book they do have Heathcliff and his children and Catherine's children, but the movie usually doesn't include that part because it would be a very long movie then...lol...

Usually the movie versions end when Catherine dies.

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This should be a challenging part, even for Ed. His dark en somewhat apathic behaviour in GG would indicate that he should be able to play the part properly though. As chuck is my favourite character in GG i shall not want to miss this version of wuthering heights.

I do however hope for ed's sake that he'll try to find a more cheerier role after this, being stereotyped as a "melancholic " actor would not be in his best interest and we do hope to see him in completely different roles aswell , don't we?

As for Gemma, i have some doubts about her as cathy. Hopefully i'll be proven wrong. She is however, totally hot, so if nothing else we can allways turn of the sound and just watch her ... - do whatever she does -

Natalie would probably have been no better. Highly likely she would have been outshined by Ed. Besides - although she has her qualities as an actor - . i don't like seeing her play in a ( tragic ) love story. Maybe this is something personal though, ever since that star wars debacle ( lack of chemistry anyone ? )

Anyway, as a huge fan of the classics english books, im really looking forward to this movie and in particular eds acting.







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Here are some clips from what's my favorite version of Wuthering Heights..



Personally I think Ed & Gemma will have a lot to live up to versus these two actors, but it'll be interesting to see how it plays out and how they do.

Still though I wonder when Ed will find the time to film WH around his schedule for GG?  (I hope they don't write a CB break up right then if its more than a few episodes...)

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