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 Eeeeh...Ok...So what was Chuck suppossed to do? Let her handle it her own way? Because she clearly has such  mental clarity in the latest episodes (pacts with God, marrying a man who had just heard her confessing her love for sb else etc) that she would definately chose the best for her:/

 The man told it clearly...He'll do anything so that they can be together...How is that irrational since he's madly in love with her? And the part about Louis laying a hand on her....i totally get that too. Is it expected for us to act cool when the person we're insanely in love isn't entirely ours?


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I'm sorry I didn't get the part where he tried to do that. All I hear when they talk to each other is  : I love you but we can't be together, which is basicly the same Sh*t we've been fed for 5 frikin season

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this is a ridiculous thread. chuck is a billionaire so he obviously could afford to help her (not to mention he loves her so he wanted to help her out). it's obvious that it wouldn't be conditional since all he cares about is her happiness and obviously being married to louis won't make blair happy. I don't blame blair for not accepting his help, but I think that was sweet of him to offer. Gah whoever made this thread, go away.

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Gah whoever made this thread, go away.<--- THIS!!! made me giggle so much. 

Bwahahaha~ Geez, typical chair fanatics getting upset over a silly thread~ and a silly character like Chuck Bass.  I guess I know now to never mess with crazed Chuck Bass fans SMH~ 


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It seems to be really nice..Thanks for shring the information,..

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oh my god..i know this is true (because Blair's ''what kind of chance do we have if our fresh start is you buying me from Louise?") but you don't have to make a thread about that..not all fans have same perspective..
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omg new people omg

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Silly thread.  Aren't there enough places to bash Chuck already?

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Methinks this thread backfired somewhat..

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I don't get why people are overthinking this too much. I don't even think the writers thought about the hotel and just think this is a way to show Chucks love for Blair and that he will do anything. 

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