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But, the most compelling argument of the night goes to:

" Dan does have a personality tho"

Cogent argument indeed. If Scott Peterson had you as his attorney instead of Mark Geragos, dude would have walked.

excuse me for not having time to write an essay on why i like dan when you obviously can't even see my point of view~

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I can't see Chuck as a Badass.  He's been floored twice by Dan, overwhelmed by Nate.  In fact the only character that Chuck has taken in a fight is Jack.  Sad to see that the remaining, lesser Basses are both pussy boys when it comes to manly stuff.

I don't think his drinking and drug-taking automatically makes him badass either.  He's no Keith Richards, or even a Pete Doherty.  Any attempt at bad-assedness is offset by that fact that he acts out, because he didn't get enough hugs as a child.  Poor Chuckie, that would make it hard for him to communicate his fweelings. 

That he has a catchphrase doesn't make him badassed either.  Mr Humphries in Are You Being Served had a catchphrase too, and I wouldn't exactly describe him as badassed. 

But in the end I might see him as a cod-Freudian clichee, but if that's what floats your boat and gets you fantasising, fair enough. 

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jack is shipping chair. who woul´ve have thought that?


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I would have never thought taht Jack would be friends with Chuck... Jack was always the bad guy. Chuck said it himself : My uncle is my worst enemy... So no I didn't think Jack was going to come back and give Chuck advice about Blair...It's ridiculous to have him change side like that. Even at the end of the episode, I was still worried that Jack had an agenda...When it turned out he wasn't...I was chocked !

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