to be honest after watching almost the end of season 1 of GG its a total remake of the OC....

yet oc is far off better...

and if you read the book and some comments about GG...

most of the story is either about gay, lesbian, hetero sexuals(no offence to these kinds of people) but the whole story runs through it

i have nothing against GG but y didnt they just recontinued OC than making another flick where the story is mostly about the OC only changed their environment to manhattan and added extra sizzles...

well guys are cute but they turn out to be gay in the ending and that aint fun lol...

woof this is my opinion be free to go with or against ^^


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Grace & tommy
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Heyyaa its grace n sash from england

We tottalyy lovee gossip girll its amazingg but we do agree it is like OC

although we fink GG is betterrr :D

Nd we agree the boys are BEWTT!!

xo xo

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Grace & tommy
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Shut Up Kate !!!

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HIYA its kate from england!! grace and sasha are sad losers who need to get a life ;) love yas XO XO :L lmao x

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i don't think OC and GG are that similar....some things are pretty the same but i don't know, i don't see those many similarities you say you see.... so for the ones who think it is the same...could you tell me the similarities?


I'm a total fan of OC even though it's over....and well, i still think is much better OC though everytime GG is getting me more hooked up to it.


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your so right!! dan is like ryan, serena-marrissa, blair-summer, jenny-katlyn, seth is kinda like dan too, chuck is sorta luke, and nate is kinda like marrissa. seriously!! but one tree hill is better than both of these shows!!!!!!

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One tree hill is getting kind of... Well how can i put this.. Crappy? I loved it until season 4ish... it just did like a complete 180. GG is much better! its not so serious and dramatic ALL THE TIME.

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i LOVE both of them..

Gossip Girl or The OC (they both have a great story)

esp. story of Seth and Summer and also Chuck and Blair =)


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