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I think the last season should have them coming to figure out who Gossip Girl really is. I know they already did it before but it was short and not juicy.

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If Gossip Girl isn't revealed to us in the end, I don't know what I'd do. But I'm guessing the revelation might happen in either two ways. The first is that they all realize who it is and take her down for it. Similar to what they already did but this time they really get the right one and it's more intense. Or in the end of the series, we're just given a clue who she is and she's the last person that we see.

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i just had this stupid feeling in season two at end, that everybody would be gossip girl lol

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I want Jenny to be gossip girl :)

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I think finding out who Gossip Girl is would be so anti climatic. I like that she's an anonymous all knowing almost unreal character. She would lose her glimmer if people knew who she was. Even at the end of the series I don't want to know who she is

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I actually think we'll never know who she is.

And I also think we won't get a sixth season.

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I don't want to know who is gossip girl, I like her as the anonymous with no life blogger.

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I don't think we should ever find out the identity of Gossip Girl, because if it's a character we know, it'll be so easy to track back and demonstrate that it couldn't have been them, because they were doing something at the time of any number of blasts.  If it's someone we don't know, who cares?  There's more drama in the mystery.  If the final shot of the series is Kristin Bell typing the same words as the voiceover into her blog, that's just über-cheesy.

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kristen bell does the voice of gossip girl on the show, and shes not a character in the show other then that. so i dont see how that would be a good ending for everyone to figure out who gossip girl is. it would just be a random person none of them know?

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It would be so lame if we found out who GG really is. Because these writers are not capable of handling that storyline properly. They can't even write two characters in a non-toxic relationship. This is way too complicated.
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