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Hi Sorry, I am kinda new to the series am very confused :S

Season 4 of GG Made no sense, :S,  I Mean Did you ever wonder how Dan Humphrey  could possibly even stand looking at Blair after she nearly destroyed his sweet, innocent little sister? in season 1-3, his role was a protective Big Brother, and he knows Blair banish Jenny'' from ever coming to Upper east side ever again...so how could he fall in love with her.   Everybody knows, Jenny, would never give her appoval to Blair, the former mentor/teacher who tired to    destory her life'' to be in a relationship with her brother.. Plus it's no secret, she prefers Serena to be the woman for Dan. That's why I wouldn't be surprised if she attends their wedding... What are your thoughts? do you agree or disagree (=    





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they tend to forget things that happen on this show after like 2 episodes, so Dan forgetting the whole Jenny/Blair thing isn't that surprising. That's just how this show works unfortunately. They changed Dan and Blair's characters, rewrote history, and made them forget things to make that couple work (and it still didn't work IMO but I don't want to start a dair argument haha)


this show is so messed up. I hated DB but there are so many other problems with the show that it's just tiring to even get into it haha

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As a Derena fan I tend to ignore Season 3 to 5, figure out a medium like that for yourself and you'll be golden.


That said. IN CORRECT CHARCTER, DB made no sense. Dan would never date someone as self-centered/rude/bullyish as Blair. And Blair is too Shallow a person to look past Dan's middle class upbrining and non high society standing.

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I agree with everyone here. DB was well written and had good build up, but that can't cover the uncharacteristic nature of their relationship. 

But IMO Blair never really looked past Dan's class, he worked to try and live up to her standards. That stupid 'we're a couple' party they threw was so not like Dan, it was his efforts to try and change for Blair. And when they were together Blair was more demure and had the victim thing going on because of Loius, but that is not the real Blair and everyone who watches the show knows it. Blair is more into schemes, status, revenge and frankly some downright cruel acts than Serena has EVER been, and Dan has always condoned that part of the UES.

They were the maddened delusions of JS who was pretty much booted after deciding to rewrite the backbone of the show to fit a couple that never should have been together in the first place.

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