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What would you want for each of them?
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Good question!

Blair in a powerful woman position, like the path she was headed on in S4 only for herself this time (seriously what was that paternalistic BS back then) and a bit more open to non UES attractions in life

Nate head of his own media empire that he built up himself because that would allow him to forever tease his BFF Chuck about how he 'made his own imperium'. Payback for all the playful ribbing from Chuck in the past

Chuck still sharing a home with Nate but now with live in uncle Jack to provide the necessary hilarious asides, as the president of BI with Lilly at his side.

Serena off in LA living the D list actress life

Dan a successful author in his own brownstone somewhere because at some point he has to finally leave the nest.

Rufus running a breakfast shop in Brooklyn

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Dan - write a movie script and move to cali

Serena - star in the above movie and move to cali (that's my derena ending without derena actually being a couple)

Blair - Yale. Law. School.  

Chuck - owner of the best clubs across the country and oversees, philanthropist, and a dandy (basically Chuck as he is)

Nate - mayor of NYC 


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Chuck - continue running BI, expanding it and being more successful than Bart, rehab and something to replace the constant Scotch, staying friends with Nate


Blair - Yale Law grad, youngest partner ever at a top NYC firm, eventually politics


Serena - behind the scenes Hollywood power player, perhaps eventually even a showrunner for a teen drama like Gossip Girl


Dan - goes to grad school and becomes a literature and creative writing professor, and moves from publishing trashy/sensationalist to literary fiction of the highest quality


Nate (for me, this is hardest) - moves the Spectator to more sports and entertainment reporting, eventually becoming major sports team owner and respected commentator.

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i don't have imagination about Blair and Serena...lol..but when they in the middle 20 i would love to see Serena becomes an actrees and Blair becomes a ceo for some museum or curator...Nate can joins Serena being an actor..Chuck running BI or being a mafia Don :) ...for Dan i want him being a traveler and write a book from his experience travel the world...btw, I would love to see Blair becomes a singer (because of Leighton's CS) LOL...
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Blair - Yale. Law. School.  

- the best storyline dropped without the writers giving a bit of a gander in this show. I'm referring more to Yale and not the law part of it but I can see Blair as a litigator. 

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Blair : Yale Law school also...and becoming a hardcore lawyer who is not in it for the money 

Chuck : I'm guessing volountering in Africa, then finding a woman there who is less like him (free spirited and open) so he could truly see the world as it is and eventually oppening a spa there and start to practice yoga and pilates

Dan : Writting a book in London .....(To me, California and movies are the worst thing that could happen to Dan...A writer is a writer...Books that have been made into movies are mostly aweful)

Serena : Party planner...I could see her planning events for the white house and so on...Serena loves to party   and get the party going so she could definetely put that to use (and it wouldn't sound so un-like her, Serena is no actress)

Nate : I'm all for the sport commentator theme...I really think he could manage a sport team better than the spectator!

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Dan - write a movie script and move to cali

Serena - star in the above movie and move to cali (that's my derena ending without derena actually being a couple)

Blair - Yale. Law. School.  

Chuck - owner of the best clubs across the country and oversees, philanthropist, and a dandy (basically Chuck as he is)

Nate - mayor of NYC

this sounds so good.

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Blair- Yale! And a successful career where she is at the top-where she belongs :)

Chuck- always besties with Nate (like you said Liz!) and also no more scotch! And a very successful career with BI and lots of philanthropy!

Serena- successful career in Hollywood. She is such a happy, fun person and I think she'd be a great actress/model/etc. And I hope that she and Blair could stay friends (or fix their friendship)

Nate- friends with Chuck, maybe a career in politics...he's very honest and he's a great person so I think it would be great to have a politician like that! 

Dan- a successful career as a writer, writing great books instead of trashy stuff like inside...

Jenny- (even though she's not really on the show anymore!) successful fashion designer!

Vanessa-she would be an activist and a photographer/videographer of course :) remember when she always had her camera with her?

ERIC!! (I miss him!!) - Idk what I see him doing, but I just love him. 

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Great question bb


Blair: Gallery owner in Manhattan, head of a philanthropic organization

Serena: Honestly, I just want her to find herself, become grounded somehow. I can see her stumbling upon baking and eventually opening her own crazy successful dessert company.

Dan: Successful author, leading workshops for aspiring youth writers and giving the occasional guest lecture at Yale

Nate: I want him to go back to college, re-join the lacrosse team, play professionally, and eventually become the head coach for his old team

Chuck: Hotelier, but of his own efforts rather than through BI. He'll be at peace with who he is but will eschew traditional married life for eternal bachelorhood a la George Clooney


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