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does she have What to expect when expecting book??? SHE ALREADY HAS A CHILD. 

I mean, i know GG and common sense dont go in the same sentence, but seriously, what the hell?

Unless she's covering for Blair, but someone did confirm that she is indeed with 2nd child, and apparently forgot what happens during pregnancy. 

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In that scene she was covering for Blair. Eleanor is the retard one.

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omg that was so stupid

i do think she was covering for blair tho

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I honestly don't think she was. It was Dorota's pregnancy test. 

Blair didn't know she was pregnant until the lady who did her dress told her.

I think that Dorota is probably just rereading bits or brought it over cause she started noticing Blair is showing.

They're definitely both pregnant.  

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omg m why havent i talked to you in such a long time hi bb!!!!!!!


idk blair looked really embarrassed/guilty when she saw the book, i think she knew

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I'm not convinced that Dorota is actually pregnant because it just seems like her protecting Blair and the writers' way of fooling us until the actual reveal was made. Like what everyone said earlier, why would she even need that book? And it was also about Blair's reaction to it when Eleanor questioned her about it. She was speechless, Dorota saw that, and she stepped in. And I'm pretty sure Blair knew about her pregnancy before it was pointed out to her. 

I guess it's possible that Dorota also is but the intentions of her pregnancy are for the sake of Blair.

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Blair knew she was pregnant-she went into full denial mode when the seamstress called her out on it. Pretty sure that pregnancy test was indeed Blair's....Dorota may have taken a test while at work but that test was set up to make people believe it was either Blair or Serena. Making Dorota pregnant too was a ruse so that when Blair was outed as pregnant it would be a "shocker".

The writers have already said that Dorota is pregnant as well. 

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Well, I could not tell, if Blair pregnant or not, but test could not be hers -- Blair on 6 week, test usually work from 2nd week, so summer should be only 5 weeks , that's does not count. By the way, premiere give me the creeps that Serena are pregnant. 3 pregnancies for one show should be funny.


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^ NO, that wouldn't be funny at all.

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