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I don't know if this has been done before, but I'll give it a go anyway.  To while away the time whilst TV is on holiday, post and discuss your favourite song lyrics.  From Bob Dylan to Lady GaGa, all suggestions are welcome and valid. 

My favourite song lyric is from Powder Blue by Elbow, it's about a drug-addicted couple that singer Guy Garvey observed in a pub.

"Stumbling through the crowd together, they're trying to ignore us.  That's ok.

I'm proud to be the one you hold when the shakes begin.  Sallow skinned, starry eyed, blessed in our sin."

Such a beautiful song, if you want to check it out visit YouTube.

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Interesting thread!

Well my fave song lyrics are probably Spanish songs, and I'm not going to bore you with them.

And in English it's hard to choose because I tend to mix up lyrics and tunes. And with favourite what do you mean? because depending on the mood...

For me a very sad song with a sad beautiful lyrics: Damien Rice - 9 crimes . Love the music video too

I'll keep thinking

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You can nominate as many as you like, don't confine yourself to one.  You can even post Spanish lyrics as well if you want - I probably won't understand, but some people will.  Basically music is brilliant, and great lyrics are like classic poetry - they deserve to be talked about.

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Lol ok I'll try to post and translate something Spanish soon (not today, my brain went to sleep about an hour ago)

I can't forget The Strokes - You only live once . That song always make me smile

And I could tell hundreds of J. Casablancas lyrics, but then again I can't even think straight right now!


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Since you can post Spanish lyrics I have to post Sabina´s.

It would be awesome if you could understand him, he is like the best writing songs:

Y sin embargo (my favourite song in Spanish), it´s about how you can´t live with someone but you can´t also resist living without that person.

I would paste a fragment but the whole song is amazing.

Porque una casa sin ti es una embajada el pasillo de un tren de madrugada Un laberinto sin luz, ni vino tinto un velo de alquitrán en la mirada. Y me envenenan los besos que voy dando y sin embargo cuando duermo sin ti contigo sueño, y con todas si duermes a mi lado, y si te vas me voy por los tejados como un gato sin dueño perdido en el pañuelo de amargura que empaña sin mancharla tu hermosura.

It´s more or less like this:

"Because a house without you is an embassy

The corridor of a train in the dawn

a labyrinth without light or red wine

a veil of tar on the look.

And the kisses I give are poisoning me

And yet when I sleep without you

I dream about you

And (I dream) about every women if you sleep by my side,

And if you go, I go by the roofs

like a stray cat

lost in the tissue of bitterness

that fogs without staining your loveliness"


Well, maybe in English sucks, but in Spanish is pure gold.

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Sabina is a poet, he's a genius with lyrics. I'm not very into his music but hearing him is always a pleasure.

Actually, sounding again like a 50-year-old, I prefer "old" Spanish songs than "new" ones. Mecano had great lyrics too and even I don't like Hombres G at all, Temblando is probably one of my fave Spanish songs. It's about a call a boyfriend receives from her (until then) girlfriend, who's explaining him she's just met someone and she wants to break up with him. It would be like:

Temblandocon los ojos cerradosel cielo esta nublado, y a lo lejos tuhablando de lo que te ha pasadointentando ordenar palabras para no hacerme tanto daño,tanto dañoy yo sigo temblandode la mano y con mucho cuidadonos besasteis en silenciodonde no habia luzy me hace gracia tu manera de contarlocomo el que cuenta que ha pensado, que ha decidido, que seguimos siendo amigosy yo, estoy temblando y llorandome habia jurado que nunca iba a llorar escuchando cada palabraque no quiero escuchardesgarrandome suplicandote intentando hacerte recordar pero tusolo dices "voy a colgar"


My eyes are closed

The sky is cloudy, and far from me you’re

talking about what have just happened to you

Trying to put in order words, for not hurting me too much

Hurting me so much

And I keep trembling

Holding hands and very carefully

You kissed in silence

In the darkness

And I find it funny your way of telling me it

Like someone who just tells that he was thinking, he has decided, that maybe we could remain being friends

And I’m trembling and crying

I promised myself I was never going to cry listening to things I didn’t wanted to

Tearing myself, begging you, trying to make you remember

But you only say "I’m hunging up"



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About English songs, here there are some:

(then again, it's hard to separate rythms and lyrics when it's not your language, so maybe some of this lyrics are simple for all of you English speakers :) )

Shiny toy guns - Rainy monday: "I don't mind you're someone that ain't mine but someone that I'll get, and you don't know how hard I've tried to convince myself that I can easily forget... But you left this feeling here inside me, one that never fails to find me, on a rainy monday... I feel it inside if me like the days of summer"

Love Shiny toy guns. Love rainy days. And this song always make me smile. So it had to be here!

Bloc party - Signs I can't put an only part! That song is so damn beautiful!

Julian Casablancas - 11th dimension: "Forgive them even if they are not sorry"

Well in fact I bought Phrazes for the young and apart from the CD design, what impressed me the most were the phrazes written inside the CD cover.

"Anger is weakness, patience is strength"

"Try not to give advice you can't follow"

"Art is the image of life, it's purpose simply to enhace it"

"Being nice is most important when others are not"

"Drunkeness is cowardice, sobriety is loneliness"

.... You can learn a lot from these



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my fav song lyrics issssssss..........

" her face is the map of the world is a map of the world, u can see she's a beautiful gurl she is a beautiful girl,and everything around her is a silver pool of light, people who surround her feeel the benefit of it, it makes you calm, she holds u captivated in her palm ,suddenly i see, this is what i wanna be, suddenly i see, why the hell it means so much to me" and basically this is my fav song of all time, cause it give me hope for some reason, and calmness, makes me wanna be a better person in every aspect of my life!...makes me wanna succeed in my career, makes me wanna be a very nice person, makes me wanna feel like summer! u knw wt i mean? 

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and btw i lsned to the songs " the spanish once" u referred to! they are really good, even though i knw little spanish....

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Haha KT Tunstall! I bet you'll like The Devil wears Prada then, right? lol because of the hope for some reason, and calmness, makes me wanna be a better person in every aspect of my life!...makes me wanna succeed in my career, makes me wanna be a very nice person

I like TK, she's really talented! I don't know why Hold on was stuck in my mind some time ago.

Have you really listened to the Spanish songs? wow that's valiant! lol in a good way

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