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This show is ridiculous. I can't bank on or relate to any or the characters to show some maturity growth or be healthy and happy adult members of society. I will call it like it is, an upper class version of The Jersey Shore. Where people have no depth of character or morals. And where everyone has done a merry go round of sleeping with one another within a group of friends. Kudos to Blair for showing us who she really is. A weak and immature girl who can't seem to find herself without her one true love Chuck Bass, Set in the past, all she will ever care about is keeping up appearance and making sure Chuck Bass, with all his flaws get better treatment than what he really deserves. Let's face it, Chuck Bass will always be the man with flaws, never be loyal and will never make her happy. I can see this character 10 years from now married to Blair with a handful of kids, sleeping with the maid while Blair keeps him on top and looks the other way. Poor rich souls. That is their destiny. And Nate, what a joke, Rich but dumb. Can't he use his money and time to find ways to feed the hungry or raise money for Cancer victims instead of taking down Gossip Girl?!? Dan, is just as bad, He is the poor man who has been scorned by these dimwits. yet, he is doing yet another tell all book about... yes, I will say it again! these Dimwits!. He needs to go out in the world and find more meaningful stories to write. Someone overcoming addiction, overcoming domestic violence, overcoming being scorned etc.... lol! Anyhow, My review of this can't be all that bad. For once I am rooting for the drug addicted slut! Serena has been through it all and the writers have pigeonhole her into this role. Maybe by the series end, she will come out of it on top. And travel the county being a speaker at numerous high schools about the life she has lived in hopes she could help another Serena out there who seems to be going down the wrong path in life. But who am I kidding right?!? this is Gossip Girl and the writers are just as dumb and stupid as the show itself. Thank god the world will only have to endure one more season of this hell!!!

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Hahaha welcome to the forum :) Its always good to have a rant lol
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G0ssipgirlrulezz story bro

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