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First glance : they look good, not overanalyzing . But why the three of them ?

& penn's hair looks hot !

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Penn looks pretty dang hot! Okay am I the only one who thinks Taylor looks SUPER pale? It just botheres me...

Jessica looks pretty.

What was the photoshoot for?

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No, i think she just is super pale. Her skin blends in with the background and her dress here, which looks odd to me. I do love the dress though !

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i think Taylor looks awesome!

To me, she looks vamped up.lol.

Penn is really cute, even though I'm an Ed fan.

Jessica's head looks too big for her body.

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Penn = fucking sexy.

Szwhore = why.. why her?

Taylor = Damn girl your pale but pretty.

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All 3 of them look TERRIBLE!! Taylor looks like Courtney Love-YUCK, Jessica's overtanned and Penn's just never done it for me. I can't find him remotely attractive AT ALL.

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tsk tsk people! You guys are crazy, I love what I am seeing here. They all look great and Jessica head is no too big, it's the hair dumbo. Taylor looks beautiful and Penn is very handsome.

They all look awesome and I'm kind of happy it's just them...I wonder what this photo shoot means? and I'm also wondering if there is going to be a hook up with Vanessa and Dan because her hand is on his chest...and I'm just pondering.

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Fucking ace photoshoot, Penn actually pulls off the upscale look very well, and i'd still bang Taylor and Jessica like the fist of an angry god.

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Damn their sex is on fire! Woah they freaking look hot.

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