I hate MS. Carr!!!!! She is so annoying, she goes all righteous on Serena, yet in the mean time is hitting on her boyfriend and the sleeps with him!!!!! ARGGGG, I HATE HER.

hehe, thanks for letting me rant:)

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serena's fault! she doubted dan for it. so thats why

it is 'what goes around comes around'

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haluk cemil

it was like the georgina incident where dan was not told the whole truth beforehand and then he did the teacher. well it is serena's fault. but this on and off relationship game is getting old and wont fly anymore so i am sure they will be broken up for sometime. well good job Dan, i had teachers i wanted to do but couldnt do it. well i think i should have acted all grown up and wrote stories. sucks for you serena, but GET THE STORY BACK TO ITS FEET WRITERS!

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DAn Fan :D

hey all! season two is amazing! does anyone know how many epi's it lasts till?? is 17-Carrnal knowledge..the last of season 2? or is ther more!! :) checked everywhere..doesnt say nethin! please lemme know if thers nethin..thank you :) xxx

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1 posts

SERIOUSLY can dan and serena be together for longer than like two episodes?!??!?!?!?!??!?!!?!?!

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307 posts

I really hope Dan and Serena aren't together for a very long time.  Mabye not ever again.  i loved them together last season.  Now they are annoying me.  alot.  Why did Serena have to CALL HIM?   That just ruined it for me I'm sorry.  I agree with whoopdidoo.  The Dan/Rachael scene was hot.  Not gonna lie.  But I want them apart for a while.  I'm starting to not even mind Blairi and Chuck being aprt.  They pull you into them and make you obsess over them and you are unknowingly suffocating yourself.  I feel I can breathe easier.  But It was really nice to see them in It's a wonderful Lie last night.  Made me realize I miss them.  But not stressing about what will happen with them makes me feel lighter.  I do want them to exchange words though.  Sometime soon 

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When i saw their scence,i was like"OH MY F-ING GAWD!x40 or so times"In my head and couple times aloud. hate rachel and i want Blair to destroy by taking a pic of a kiss and sending 2 GG.Now.

Serena,be a bitch for onuce about Brooklyn Writer Bore or ManHo

(Sorry for the swearing)

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i agree with bluck4evr - i'm a die hard chair fan but it seems slightly refreshing to have a bit of breathing space from their mind games that we all get sucked into >< plus now that we all know for sure that chair IS end game it all makes it so much more easier wait that little longer :)

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5 posts

Just thought about that now DERENA4EVA.

Haha. I hope they can be together longer than an episode or 2 soon.:)

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Morgan Haney


This is bologna! Serena is the best thing that happened to Dan! And now he's dumping her from Ms. Carr?! WTF! I seriously belive that Elle is dead and that Chuck is going to uncover a HUGE secret about his father. Of course, Blair is going to win over her father and Constnce, I really hope she's a bitch to Nelly Yuki... I would be too.

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