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I dont know how this episode will pan out with so many storylines!  How can they squeeze the Jack&Blair thing in with Chuck saying ILY (finally), Serena trying to destroy Gossip Girl, and Georgina destroying Poppy into 40 minutes?

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Oh yeah, and Dan and Serena's half-brother is supposed to show up to.  How is that going to fit in?

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OMG..... The preview to this finale looks gooood!!! But after reading the spoilers from 2 weeks ago.... Do you think the the "someone is pregnant" ends up being Vanessa????? Ah, crap!! Wonder who's the daddy, eh????   AHHHHH!!!!, just when you thought C and B finally get back together??? I think that would be the ultimate piss off to last throughout the whole summer for me! I bet that's how it'll end this time around! Oh, just think of the repercussions!!!

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Someone gets pregnant?? OH COME ON WRITERS.

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OMG this promo gave me a sickening feeling in my was the chair scene that did it! Firstly Blair trying to seduce Chuck again....that must be her fourth attempt now and secondly Chuck face..he looks so sad! I'm guessing Jack/Blair secret came out and he's going to reject her.... i predict

nate's affair with Duchess is going to come out

the fact that serena nearly killed someone will come out

chuck and vanessa blair/jack comes out but didnt someone say that the Blair/jack thing barely makes an dent in the storyline??? and Ed did say the season finale will be happy...LETS hope that the ILY scene is at the end, we derserve some chair happiness from all this torture

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Someone is pregnant? Where does this information come from?

I've got the bad feeling, that the ILY scene is one of the first ones, then the party with all the blasts and then, finally this scene between B and C in this suite. And C looks so upset, because Vanessa just told him, that he's going to be a daddy and so he gives Blair that look while confessing this.

But IF I'm right, and B+C won't happen, I won't watch the third season. It takes now one and a half season for B+C to become a couple. It's long enough now, I'd say.

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i agree. I think the writers would be unbelieveably retarded to make CB NOT get together...

yknow cuz the show is still a show, and this DEFINITELY wont have people on 'the edge of their seats' itll just have them 'pissed off'

i never trust promos. Thats just a rule. they can do the most amazing things and make up the most ludicrous story that doesnt even happen.

1 week! 1 week!

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I dont trust promos either, especially since they edited the Jack-Chuck (She wouldnt touch you) scene.

I hope we're all wrong.  And that Vanessa is not pregnant.  They should just replace her with Georgina.  If one background character would become recurring/regular, then they should have one useless main character fade out.

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watching the promo, somehow i have the impression that perhaps 2x25 will start off with the limo chair scene in front of the plaza.

(what else would she do there...?)

perhaps he asks her to join him at the party. the gg-blast will come out there and chuck might be hurt by the fact that blair obviously slept with jack.

however i'm sure that there will be some kind of a rapprochement before she undresses herself and asks him the ILY - thing. his face looks so hurt and she cries.

blair can't be that needy to ask him the same question over and over again without having any reassurement. i guess she may want to hear it again to know that they will move on...

anyway, this is so confusing! i'm so damn curious how the season will finish!!


when did blair actually slept with jack? i only heard this information but i never saw the episode where it supposably happend.



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