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I have decided to one thing. Since the upcomming episode is so thrilling, I will cry when it ends, I NEED MORE.

So, instead of watching it next week I am going to wait until the last of March to watch all of the episodes (18, 19, 20) in a row... Can you imagine 3 HOURS OF GOSSIP GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

However, Now that I know the new episode is out there I have to say that now I know how drug addicts feel. I have been on 15 webpages and ready to press PLAY button, but thanks to my sister who already saw it, she hold my hand and took the laptop away. She hates GG, only waches it since her BFF loves it like I do! 

Anyways, cannot wait until the end of march, and I also hate the month in general, it´s boring, and there´s a lot to do at school. School is the only fun thing in March and begin. of April... I know I am a nerd, don´t give a sh*t!

Anyone who is as strong as I am waiting not 1 month but 2?!

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I can't wait to see Chuck fight for Blair =D

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Everybody should watch it when it airs so it gives GG good ratings. 

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I'M SO EXCITED.Incase anyone was wondering.LOL <3

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I agree with Chair although I am not as strong as you but I am a total Gossipgirlaholic. I count down days, months, weeks, and hours till the new episodes and I watch reruns everytime and I buy all the magazines with gossip girl in it and i tend to record all the episodes! This is one of my favorites sites and it is bookmarked and favorited to my computer, I have posters of gossip girl all ovevr my room and mostly I feel the same way Chair does. I like your idea of waiting one month lets just hope I can survive two weeks and if I can I will try to shoot for a month just like Chair does!

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Link for extended promo
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i cant wait for this episode...finally some n/b action!!!

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Can wait for the new you think blair will sleep with Carter?

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