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Discuss the "Panic Roommate" Episode from Season 4 here.

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It was good to see Raina show a warmer side of herself (who knew it existed, eh?). But I have to admit that the line Chuck threw at her on the stairwell reminded me of the movie "She's All That." That whole scenario is just so typical of any film/storyline - so unoriginal. The guy uses the girl for whatever gain and then falls for her - LAME! Just get back with Blair already!!!!

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No way!! Chuck Bass could stay with Raina as long as he likes. When he's over with her, he could go find another woman and do whatever thing there is to do. As long as he doesn't try to be with BLAIR. Im really liking dair and i think that they should be together! The promos for this episode shows that dair is going to have a bond. Heyoo!! Im so happy for them because i was getting sick and tired of chair breaking up, getting together, breaking up, then BAM, they are back together again. Oh, and then they break up. So afterwards Dan comes out of no where and it concludes with me loving them a lot more than ancient history chair. Dair < 3

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