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Discuss the "Petty in Pink" Episode from Season 4 here.

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asdjkhsakjdka omg dair excitment

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I need me some Chair! They better get back together.

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I like it that Dan & Blair kiss but it's just to cover up her relationship with the Prince or make him jealous or something :( But I think they will like it and realise they love eachother ;)

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There is denial in Blair's part about her relationship with Dan. Who would really stay in bed and come up with consumption and then immediately having an epiphany about going back to Chuck >>

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I simply hate Serena. She forgot the fact so easily that Blair is still her friend despite she and Nate had sex while Blair and he were together. Moreover, Blair also gave her blessing to Serena to her relationship with Nate. In fact, she encouraged it. 

And now Serena is playing the drama queen (as usual) only because of two little kisses (one was staged) and wants to end up her friendship with Blair and Dan. I just can't stand her. 

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