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thoughts upon rewatching the episode:

>during the weird mirror scenewhen blair said to dorota that "its'time", her smile looked fake and forced. like she's determined to tell chuck but there's no actual joy and spark to it. the smile just didn't reach her eyes.

>blair complimenting dan's suit was weird because blair would never have done that before. she may have complimented him regarding his writing but that's perfectly innocent and fine since dan IS a writer and that's what he's known for. but dan's suit? this coming from someone who ALWAYS insulted dan's looks (tie, scarf, hair...). it may just be out of pity, but its still a weird/uncharacteristic comment to make on blair's part. hmmmmmmm what's up blair?

>i thought that blair's delivery of the line "uh... what did you want to talk to me about earlier?" was so poignant and heartbreaking. she seemed so vulnerable the way she delivered it. in fact that entire scene was heartbreaking.dan and blair just seemed so sad despite putting up a bravefront and acting all nonchalant. it's like they're not saying what they really want to say to each other. i don't know if im reading too much into it but that scene made me really sad for them. and when blair said that line about dan's princess being out there while noticing serena in the background...her eyes were so...resigned. sigh!

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That's a really interesting perspective atm. After re-watching, that Dair scene does come across as heartbreaking. But then again, Chair fans would say it showed Blair has no feelings for Dan, for Derena fans it showed hope of a Dan and Serena reunion... The whole episode was depicted in a style that all ships could interpret their own way. So the writer's sure tricked everyone into keeping hope for their ship and keep them tuned in. Definitely getting interesting!

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I love Dair together as friends, they are very enjoyable to watch together onscreen along with their witty banter. However, its scenes like when Blair sticks for up Dan against Chuck and when Dan sticks up for Blair when he and Chuck were in the Humphrey's loft are touching to watch and makes me think that their friendship will last the distance and grow stronger. They seem to be getting mixed signals from each other, I doubt Blair would want to ruin their blossoming friendship by jumping into a relationship with him when she needs time to get over Chuck and Dan is smart enough to acknowledge this too.

I agree OP she did look a little dejected when he told her the kiss didn't mean anything to him. Dan's a good guy who treats her well, is there for when she needs it the most whereas with Chuck she was there for him in his darkest periods but when Blair needed him he wasn't there for her, they have alot of common ground that they can relate to, he makes her laugh and is very sweet towards her. I'm sure her mother Eleanor wouldn't disapprove of him if they were to have relationship much later on down the line with Blair falling for him first.


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