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I love dair but the writer are going to take it slow. So I am fine with Blouis if he is a good guy. I don't trust him yet, I find it fishy that after along time he is coming to visit Blair and is planing to marry her. Its all too quick.

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I like Blouis and I kind of like Dair too it looks mysterious but if Blair had a choise between those 3 guys, it would definetely be Chuck, for sure, no one else! :)

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Blair, Serena and Dan would be my guess since Serena was not pleased with the Blair-Dan-Connetion in this weeks episode.

I think it might be Charlie, Serena and Dan.. but then again i can be wrong.

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I just started watching this show, and have watched basically four seasons back to back.  I do like Chuck and Blair together, but it is also kind of boring when they are together.  I LOVE Dan and Blair together, they have a great give and take.  I also like that they are taking the storyline really slow...Dan and Blair have the best dialogue BY FAR!  I really don't like Serena's character at all.  Not only is she kind of a wh*re, but she really doesn't have any right to be mad and "getting Blair and Dan back".  Someone needs to smack her.

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Oh another thing I was wondering.  I assume that Blair is one of the "Princesses" in the title, but who are the others?  Also, does Frog refer to Louis or Dan?  Hmmmmm.I don't think it refers to either Louis or Dan. In 4x18 it was decided that Dan was not a frog but more of a labrador and Louis, well he's already a prince! Call me crazy, but I think the frog could be Blair...


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The other princess is Louis' mom. This episode has a lot to do with his mom's disapproval. From the Safran interview abot this episode I think it's sorta obvious that the title refers to Blair and Louis' mom. Also, in one of the promotional previews you can see the newspaper headline: 'Royal darling and big apple princess' and there's the bit where Serena says Blair is just 'playing princess'.

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I think the frog is Louis, the two princesses are Blair (the commoner) and someone his parents have lined up for him (with a real title). Hence Louis' quick engagement to Blair, in spite of his parents and his refusal to have a pre-arranged marriage.

Just my thoughts! Hope it's a good episode.

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Well I am sooo Team Blouis now!

Have a read of this article on it! 


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It's TV so maybe Chuck can have yet another epiphany, make some grand gesture, win Blair back and be a good supportive boyfriend.  Blair can become Stepford Wife-ish again and support Chuck in his endeavors.  I don't think that's the Chuck and Blair that people came to love though.  If they put them together in a healthy relationship you have to lose a lot of their essence.  Otherwise you end up with a couple continually hurting each other.  Neither option makes for good TV any more.

I agree. I think what draws people to Chair is the drama in their relationship and not the actual love which I'm not so sure exists. Blair and Chuck are interesting because they rarely want each other at the same time. One wants the other when the other doesn't want them. When they were finally in a relationship, people got bored with them and you even saw how in the beggining of their relationship, they had to play games to be interesting. And then there was the trading Blair for the hotel incident. They just have never had a healthy relationship. People think they are epic because they are tragic. Um no. Chair has always been a very volatile and unhealthy relationship and they don't respect each other enough. And then when Chuck finally changes and becomes a better person, people will hate Chair because it is boring.

I love Dair though and I think people will be interested in it without the drama because they started off without drama. Yeah they hated each other before but once they became friends, it was pretty drama free except for when Dan sabotaged Blair thinking that she would do the same to him. Other than that their relationship is based off of what a relationship should be based off of. Mutal interests and a healthy respect for the other person. Plus that whole thing with Dan not being as rich as Blair...puhlease! Blair doesn't have her own money...her mother is wealthy. Dan doesn't have his own money...his stepmother is wealthy. And wealthier than Blair's own mother I might there really is no excuse not to put them together :)

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Where can we find Quotes and Music from this episode?

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