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Discuss the "Touch of Eva" Episode from Season 4 here.

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Awesome!! That is all I have to say!! :)

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Honestly, this episode was a letdown.

I hated the Blair / Chuck / Eva storyline. Blair is insecure, immature & still loves Chuck, Chuck is a self-absorbed douche, and Eva's a prostitute slash angel. We get it.

Neither Nate or Dan wants to be with Serena - for the second time this season - and Dan & Vanessa have a fight - for the 24028048971507109730175th time this season, and then they make up. That wasn't predictable at all.

Chuck was just a massive, massive jerk to Blair - "how could I believe that someone good could love me" - which is pretty much calling B a bad person. And the whole "IT'S WAR. NO LIMITS." thing made me want to throw up, because he just looked ridiculous. Unfortunately, it's obvious that Blair still

I hope that next week, it's a little more like 4x03. It's about Columbia, and the pictures show Blair with minions, so hopefully it'll be more bitchy Blair, less whining about Chuck.

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It was excellent....until Vanessa interfered. I was really enjoying the DS moments, there is definitely going to be a build up with those two...

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i think it was awesome....it great man...chuck and blair in war !!!! wow !!! i'm looking forward to this war!!!..hahah....until they found them self hurting ech other to realize that they actually  love ech other very much..chuck and blair is endgame...as for serena...it good for her to realize that she love them both...and just find someone new...yeahh..


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I really liked this episodes. The Blair and Chuck storyline was intense. The thing with both of them is that I never actually can choose a side. This episode showed again that they're both horrible people. Even though she claimed to protect Chuck, Blair's a scheming this time was just destructive and vindictive. I mean, I don't say she didn't deserve a little revenge, but she convinced Chuck to come back to NY in the first place and I can understand Chuck's anger. (But I've to say: having scheming Blair back is nice :))

Chuck on the other hand did deserve to be miserable after all he did, but I can understand why he is upset. And the declaration of war was intense and I'm really looking forward to it. Blair and Chuck at war - that will be interesting. Especially, since I just watched the promo for the next episode, it seems like the old Chuck and Blair are back. I missed their mean, double meaning dialogs...so it maybe wasn't the nicest outcome of the episode for Chair, but at least things are interesting again. (And the scarf is back lol)

Juliet is still manipulating everyone around and I'm really looking forward to her endgame - although I've absolutely no idea what she's up to, except that she wants to makes Serena's life as worse as possible.

 The Dan and Serena moments were nice, but well...then there was Vanessa again. I'm not so much interested in this storyline, but at the moment I'm at least okay with it. And Dan has mad research skills - now I understand why he and Blair will team up lol

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I think this one was a step down in quality from the previous three.


- Serena.  This is the first time for ages that I've found Serena to be really interesting and rootable.  She's still struggling to work out her feelings for Dan and Nate, but it feels like she's getting closer to either choosing between them in her own head, or moving on entirely.  That's growth folks. 

- Dan.  This was a good episode for Dan.  Penn did a great job of showing Dan struggling with his many emotional issues, without falling into the Ed Westwick trap of over-acting it.  There are little glimpses of Dan starting to unravel, and I'd really like to see him lose it and go off the rails for a bit.

- Nate.  Poor Nate.  He does everything right, he's sympathetic, understanding and does his best to help everyone avoid their stupid mistakes.  But the girl he's falling for is a fruit loop, and he's going to fall on his arse again. Loved that he saw through Blair's intentions at Chuck's "Look how generous I am" party straight away.

- Eva.  She realised that she was with a mental case and got out of town.  Well done that girl!

- Serena's dress.  Deserves a comment to itself imo.


- Chair.  Neither of them were even remotely likeable. 

Blair started off as whiney baby voice stalker then inexplicably changed half way through to being concerned for Chuck.  I know criticising Leighton is like making a cartoon of Prophet Mohammed, but the baby voice needs to stop and the characterisation needs to be more consistent.  It feels like Blair is Bipolar at the moment.  The passport lie was nowhere near worthy of being a Blair Waldorf scheme, regardless of whether she was trying to "protect" Chuck or not. 

Chuck was the usual arrogant pillock, who thinks the world owes him whatever he wants.  Anyone else notice that Chuck is yet to apologise for his pimping?  Maybe he doesn't think that's worthy of a Chuck Bass apology.  I can't blame Chuck for thinking that Blair had maliciously sabotaged his relationship with Eva, but he was so quick to believe her.

Honestly, the way these two are behaving to each other is really annoying me.  It's neither fun nor dramatic.  The endless repetition is like water torture, and is really putting me off watching next week's episode. 

- Juliet.  I still haven't warmed to her.  They tried to show us her human side this week, I didn't care.

- Chuck's charity benefit.  They're still trying to persuade everyone that 20 year olds like hanging out at bashes with middle-aged people every week.  Could we have a proper party soon?  Thanks.

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hmmm... how do i put this nicely.


sure there were good parts. the ones with humor and wit. and we get to see Dan's first doze of plotting with Blair and Serena this season. that's really refreshing to see.

but that's about it.

from there, all there is to watch was ungratefulness and hypocrisy (courtesy of Chuck Bass and his little bitch) that makes you want to axe murder the writers who came up with the SL in the first place.

i hated Blair being all weak and clingy. its ridiculous. she should've moved on long ago.

would you still pine over someone who sold you to a hotel and treated you like trash? NO! Blair shouldn't too.

i mean, where is the logic from this show coming from??!

i have so much to vent right now but i'll have to refrain myself. i dont want to be banned from the site for seriously foul language.



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watch full episode here: http://www.tvseriesrerun.info/

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Finally saw the episode, Dan is a douche, nobody even Vanessa deserves to be treated like that.

Chuck stop being delusional, Blair stop being pathetic. Jesus these two bore me.

yay Eva is gone, I don't hate her but she is irrelevant.

Nate and Juliet = boring

Serena good choice now go find Carter, he is the man for you.

Again Serena and Blair frienship the best on this episode <3

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