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Discuss the "Yes, Then Zero" Episode from Season 5 here.

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hola amo esta serie yo soy de guadalajara 

y la verdad no se cuando se estrena la 

quinta temporada en mexico ni en q

canal les agradeceria si por favor me 

dijieran. ya quiero saber q pasara!!


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Hanna - Dare to Dair
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Hola :)

Si no lo puedes ver en la tele, puedes verlo por internet! Lo hago yo!


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Yo tambien la veo por internet :)


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OK thoughts:

General: not too bad even with the pregnancy thing. Still not a fan, but we'll see where this goes.


+ moments:



[*]Eleanor: 'our guest will be sitting longer than a Terrence Malick movie'. How I love eleanor!

[*]Nate: 'I've been telling him all summer to do an infomercial'.

[*]Chuck's more positive attitiude, it's OTT ('he's Chuck Bass after all') but bettter than the usual waddling in self-pity routine

[*]'Daniel it reminded me of your work only better'. Lol guess Blair works better as a muse.

[*]'After she and I'... that look of pure fear on Rufus's face was comedy gold. All hail Matthew Settle please. And than again after the 'I assumed it was just artistic license'.

[*]BTW what the hell happens at the end of the excerpt????

[*]Nate:they told me I would be perfect as a kid from an eastern political family who constantly gets manipulated. Lol even as a fictional character he would get the same SL's. Brilliant self deprecation on the writers' part.

[*]Serena: I've gone from it girl to working girl. I actually snorted my morning coffee on that one. Where's Chuck to make an aside when you need him?

[*]Rufus: Lilly has redecorated so many times and it looks exactly the same. Again as with Nate nice meta reference.

[*]Louis finally has some fire in his belly and boy is he on to Dan (random thought he still reminds me of the male lead in Gigi).



- moments:

surprisingly few actually

minor -: Really Blair you have no clue on why he would do that. Here's a hint look at those big sad Humphrey eyes. Also What the you know what really happened last season.

major -: Sad to say this but Ethan Peck's acting. He was great in '10 things I hate about you', but OTT and wooden at the same time here. All that was missing was moustache twirling.

Joanne whalley's accent. Good god was she auditioning for 'Allo Allo'? 'La grand vadrouille ' if your not Brittish (or European) and don't know what i'm talking about. Horrendous really.


Randomn thoughts:

That 'testing a good man who loves you never ends well' is going to come back in the season finale.

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