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Question: Please give me something good about Dair — like, possibly, Dan confessing his feelings to Blair at the hospital? —JessieAusiello: You mean the prospect of Chuck dying isn’t enough to tide you over until January? Wow, you Dair ‘shippers are hard to please. I’m afraid I don’t have any good news to share… right now. But in early January, I will unload a scoop about the 100th episode that will make your Dair-lovin’ hearts explode. That’s right, I said explode. As in: This spoiler is so awesome it may actually kill you.


Please someone tell me it's not true. How can they keep up with this Chair sabotage?!


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Because they want to keep us waiting until the chair wedding that will be the series finale.


If they want to take a detour to dair-ville on the way, I'm fine with it. We all know who's endgame.

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i think the series finale will be chucking. they've been teasing it since the start of the series. wouldn't it be cool for chuck to finally die? like for real?

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*chuck dying

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yes shame on them, how can they do this to devoted chuckistans, maybe you should tweet the writers and complain..

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Why do some Chair fans think they are more important than other fans?

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Reaction to this spoiler :

To Chairios and their comments :

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^ haha gosh i love you Iv you always post the best stuff

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