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Rumor has it that CB is turning into an adrenaline junkie and doing dangerous stuff. So are we seeing a twilight-ish approach to CB again but this time in reverse? Someone saw a promo where CB was jumping of a building on Serena's set. S being a career girl and some SNB scenes.. Its the LA promo..
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la promo? there'S no promo at all^^

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wait are we talking about CHUCK BASS or chuck and blair xDDD this cb thing is very confusing

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He does a summer roberts

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Chuck Bass. And its promo that was broadcasted in California.. or so I heard.. 

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I bet he's gonna be fucking addicted to rollar coasters. Scary shit. Blair better save him before it's too late!

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I'm disappointed that this doesn't mean he has sex with Robert Pattinson and the two of them live happily ever after.  Chedward - kinda has a ring to it.

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i think chuck got a job as an actor in the serena's film,it's ggirl after all ,if serena can walk lazyly on the beach and find a job,chuck can too lol

this promo is useless,it's like no promo at all pfffff

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It was alcohol, now it's adrenaline.

Yup, they couldn't have find anything better for the great BORING chuck bass.

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