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From Laura Prudom:

Quote: Sorry for the radio silence on SPN, am at a screening and q&a for gossip girl but there will be a review and more thoughts coming!


-Gossip Girl scoop?


the Gossip Girl premiere is the same as always - lots of drama, secrets and misunderstandings, very fun episode.


-Any good Dan and Blair drama?


yes, DEFINITELY some good Dan and Blair drama - but can't spoil it!


it's probably not exaaaaactly what Dair shippers want to see, but it's a good couple of scenes!


-Does there happen to be Chuck/Blair drama in the meantime? Or something to tide over those of us that don't like DB?


they're on opposite coasts, so not directly in the first episode.



-Can you please tell us about something other than Dair? Anything about Serena or Chuck or Nate? Something to get excited about? =)


Serena is getting more focused career-wise, Chuck has turned adrenaline-junkie, and Nate's... being Nate, lady-wise.-Thanks for the reply! Sucks that they don't have scenes, but I hope they at least think of each other...I think they're both pretending not to think of each other!


-and are there any CB mention in the first?


not overtly, Chuck's downplaying it.


-Does Chair fans shouldn't watch the first episode? Good to know.  


I think you still need to watch it, it sets up a lot of stuff!


-Happy for S & worried for C. I'm always worried for Chuck, lol. If only I could get a CB baby, but I know you can't spoil that =P


I can't! My lips are sealed



-so as a Chuck/Blair fan who doesn't find much else outside of them exciting should I skip the #gossipgirl premiere?




they have good scenes independent of each other, and I think everything Chuck does relates to Blair.


-Adrenaline junkie Chuck, I'm torn between thinking hot and this won't end well.


both are probably wise




-Does Chuck's denial involve him banging other women, though?




-Will Chuck or Blair at least mention eachother in the first episode?


Chuck mentions Blair, can't remember if Blair namedrops Chuck.

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YAY DAIR :) I'm excited.I hope the writers don't let us down.

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Dairfans are hoping for.. I am officially exited.

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^^awwww wuh sti matta?

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Chuck as adrenaline-junkie?  Just because he's too big a pussy to handle a motorbike properly? 

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these dumb questions just omfg
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Chuck mentions Blair

Yeah "You think I must be dying because of Blair marryig another man". We already kind of know that.

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