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Am I in heaven?  Am I dead?  This is to much, dear lordy let it be real

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oh my god I still have trouble seeing this as a real picture and not some fan work. I'm speechless I love them so much together they look so in loooooooooooooooooovvvvvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeee

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René Harper
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I am totally speachless... I AM SO DAIR I love this... and i am so excited about the next ep's promo, when blair says "ain't you gonna make ur move or what" or something like that... (here's the link by the way but even thought how much i want DAIR TO HAPPEN this could be a dream scene doesn't it? probably dan's but i'd love it to be blair's... let's see what happens

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There will be some sort of weird plot that explains this. I don't believe that she could actually be in love with him that fast.

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Those stills are just amazing. They're so pure..but anyway I'm ready to see this kiss play out as a part of a dream sequence or something of the sort. Well for the moment I'm in Dair heaven. We'll see what happens.

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She has no wedding rings on? Wonder what that means?

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This is not a dream. Blair is not married. This is not a scheme. It's a 100% Dair moment. Don't believe me? Wait and see :)

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Oops. Wrong window.

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