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So much better than the one we got last night!!  Love the very beginning!!

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ok so who are those.. girls i think kissing?

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Oh wow, that made my jaw drop!! LOL  did you see those facial expressions after Chuck told Blair he loved her?!?! Ahhh I can't wait for next week!!

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I just realized, that in CW's promo for 4x02 was said, that 'In the game of love' ( and in this promo there is said that 'Love isn't a game' 

This is MUCH better than the other from last nigh :)

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Yay Chair :) finally we see Chuck fighting for Blair! 

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awwwwww, so cute how he says I love you! Chair, yay!! xD

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After seeing this extended promo, I'm pretty sure that the woman speaking in the beginning is Kasey, the publicist from season 3 that worked for Hillary Duff's character that later hired Serena. I think that she will be doing the P.R. for Chuck and is the one who tell's him that being single is best for his career.

Any thoughts?

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Any thoughts?

I believe you are correct

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I think I just died and went to CB heaven!


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OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Chuck says "I love you"!!!!! I just died..... can´t wait for this episode!

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