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Since one of the cliffhangers in the season 2 finale is that Georgina will get her revenge from Blair, I think it'd be a cool idea for her to mess things with Chuck and Blair.

Remember that Georgina IS Chuck's first time. There has to be something more to it than anyone would care to discuss.

I am just really curious with Georgina's character. Personally, I think she's grown up with the Non-Judging Breakfast Club, but hasn't been accepted by them. Like, the FIVE of them are childhood friends. Their families are friends. Georgina only appeared in the latter episodes of season 1 because, as mentioned in the show, "Blair can't stand her" and Chuck has "avoided her since [as she is]... a psycho."

What do you think?

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Well except for her and Serena being good friends once, we really don't know much about her.

I'm not sure what she's going to do yet, but I enjoy how Michelle plays Georgina, so it should be interesting to watch.

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Hmm, nice idea. However, I am biased when it comes to Chair and really would like to see a little happiness without interference for a while.

But, this is GG and there have been many surprises so far! So yes, this could be a possible rift in Chair but even if it is, I think it would be brief and then Georgina would be either sent back to the 'camp' or move on to her next victim.

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I acutally love Georgina. and for once it's something different its not Georgina trying to ruin Serena this time its Blair.

But with Georgina we never know.. what she plans to do i miss that Jesus loving Georgina LOL.

But the bitchs back.. we'll see i dont think shes gonna be in for very long shes got her own show on another channel right?.. and the writers aren't TAHT STUPID to upset us Chair fans again.. or are they :|

Tbh with G its never boring.

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Michelle is a great actress, so i know its going to be good. They are both such evil characters. I only want her to mess with chair if it doesn't leave a big impact and they work through it to become closer. Otherwise, i don't want her messing with them. And i don't want to see chuck develop any feelings for her because when that happens we loose the magic that chuck has never fell for another girl. (Not counting elle/vuck that was all the writers fault and didnt reflect chucks character at all!)

Anyways, im excited to see Georgina being Blair's roomate we can see who of the two is more of  bitch :)

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I agree with that Bubba. I was so pissed when they brought Elle in and the whole Vuck thing was ridiculous as well! They almost butchered Chair for good with that so they need to concentrate on strenghtening the Chair magic this Season because it was smudged in the last half of Season 2!

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o that would definitely be intersting to see... but yeah im a little biased towards chair so i dont really want anything to screw them up.. especially georgina...

i mean cmon if anyone would screwn them up i think the best one would be jack cajuse chuck is going to be 18 and he will get bass industries so i guess that jack will take his revenge on his nephew...

but i do hope that there wont be any drama for chair this season... hehe i would love to see them happy for once...

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i would love for her to create some kind of fight between them. it's not that i don't like chair, i love them with all my heart and soul, but a little drama only makes them stronger

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hmm, i dno, i definately agree it would make good drama, but it's WAYYY too predictable, i would love for georgina to do something totally outrageous and unexpected of her, like maybe take down vanessa..(afterall, they'll be at the same uni) and there would be maybe the grand total of..1 upset fan at that. but if she messed with chair, i think many a people would be slightly annoyed to say the least.

i think it's the chair fan in me (which is a large part of me haha) which makes me say i'd rather georgina didn't do what everyone would expect of her, seeing as B was the only one who didn't 'forgive' g when she went all jesus'y on us, and ruin chair.

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idk I have to say while I love CHAIR I also am a big fan of G,and I think it would be great to see G go after B, because even if it messes with Chair I think we could really see what these characters are made of, I want to see Chuck fight for Blairs honor, I want to see Chair scheming and I want to see G go out with a bang.

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