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Just wondering, how is it possible that Georgina's pregnant because of Dan?

The last time I remembered them having sex was at the end of season 1 and that basically happened over a year ago in Gossip Girl time.

Unless I've forgotten that they had sex during season 2 or 3, then it may be plausible she's pregnant with Dan. But otherwise, it just seems out-of-time.

Thoughts and feelings?

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They have hooked up in 3x03 and Georgina came back from Scott rewatch when she is threatening Vanessa right before she hesitates and has a realization!!

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So when GG comes back the baby should be born, right?

You think we'll get to see the baby in the first episodes?

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 I would hope so because when we last saw them she was ready to pop! What I don't get is  the producers really haven't said anything about this storyline so maybe it is bigger than the rest of the other SLs!!

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I think this could very well be an episode title. Like Rosemary's baby.

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Ugh I hope she's isn't preggers with Dan's baby. That would ruin everything. For most people on the show, he's already undesirable enough, but making him the father of the spawn of the devil, would completely ruin him.

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I hope not either but by the looks of it maybe it is (dreadful feeling) I just hope it doesn't be a two episode SL because this is really big and could be used as a dramatic twist to things!!
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Two-episode SL's is what the writers do best, or worst, depending how you look at it I guess. 

Unfortunately, I no longer expect guest stars to be around for more then three episodes.

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Except that Michelle's other show, Mercy, got cancelled and Taylor won't be back for awhile. So I think they're going to have Michelle stay longer than originally planned. 

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Does anyone believe it's Dan's baby, I don't think it is.

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