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Saw this on spoiler tv...they updated their table and under "shocking pregnancies" put Serena/Blair...does this mean that IT IS either one of them or do you think the site is just assuming it? Just thought I would post, not sure if it is really indicating anything. Would be great if they narrowed it down that way we can stop throwing Eleanor and Dorota into the picture.

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I'm reluctant to believe it's Blair's because it's too obvious... Serena wasn't seeing anyone in the last few eps and why would Eleanor throw a pregnancy test on Blair's/Serena's trash can? The same for Dorota.

Unless it's Serena and Ben's... the producers did mentioned something about Ben getting back on the show... 

I hope it's Ben's child and Georgina and Charlie starts to harass Serena in a way that puts the baby in jeopardy forcing Juliet to come back to NY to take down those bitches.. LOL... that is a long shot

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Or is the excuse to bring Juliet back to steal her brothers kid
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They def said ben will be back
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oh yay let's hope Juliet is back. I really liked her. For some odd reason...oh wait i like the underdogs/outsiders

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What?!??! When did they say Ben would be back?!? 

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It said Serena OR Blair and since Serena has been single for five episodes now and would have been showing if she was pregnant, its probably Blair. And Ausiello is always right so I'm assuming she's actually pregnant and its not just the writers stuffing us around. Though they tend to do that. 

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Nobody but eleanor or dorota will be having a baby next season

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^ Don't think so.

It's gotta be either Serena or Blair. 

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The pregnancy test was also in the trash can in their room, it has to be Serena's or Blair's! And yes, when does Ben come back??? I hope he brings Juliet, she could team up with Georgina and Charlie!

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