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I love watching House. Not only is Hugh Laurie in this big, but the entire cast and story lines that television entertainment.[url=]House MD DVD[/url] This is very good and should definitely win the Emmy this year. They really deserve. Here are some of my favorite episodes of this season.[url=]True blood DVD[/url] Autopsy featuring a brave and mature 9-year old girl with cancer. Daddy's boy, showed a student with a shock that they are trying to find strange, and parents come to visit her house. And finally, I really liked the lack of notification, [url=]Ghost Whisperer DVD[/url]where he and Stacey Warner is stuck in an airport waiting for a flight where they begin to rekindle their romance deminished. Hugh Laurie is really talented. [url=]Two and a Half Men DVD[/url]He not only uses an American accent to perfection, but his timing and delivery are brilliant, and it is very credible. It is a great show, and it is chic and comfortable. I highly recommend it.

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The Wire



Breaking Bad

The Shield

5 shows better than House...

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Hate House.


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Fantastic for you, but in what universe is this a Gossip Girl spoiler?


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