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Cry me a river...Seriously

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@Dr. Holland, Personally, your one the best constuctive Chair fans I've ever seen (on the threads I've tried to support the regular posters: Kimmie, Alf, Pty and you of course). I'm wondering if you think complaining about a show that they no longer like or watch or want to watch is constructive? Shouldn't they be doing what @Anonymous is constantly doing or egging others to do which is to support for the cancellation of the show?


In essence: An endgame for the 'Gossip Girl' Endgame?

Read more: http://www.tvfanatic.com/forum/gossip-girl/spoilers/im-on-strike/page-2.html#ixzz1nkR0dCeb



Uncle Jackass, you're one of my favorite Dair shippers.  Personally, I think that a lot of Chair fans posting on boards and around fandom are invested in fanon.  They spend leisure time around GGdom, they've made friends, they have Tumblr and Twitter accounts.  So they're angry, but they've invested a lot into not just the show but the fandom around it.  So they feel betrayed.



I'm not being very constructive TBH... haven't been over the past 24-48 hours.  I've been angry and lashing out at Safran, Dair, and the way the show's non-relationship SLs are going.  The thing is, I would have accepted Dair last season.  A lot of things that piss Chair fans off don't bother me.  I don't mind the fiery back and forth between Chair.  Actually, I LOVE it.  And, they've both had other relationships.  I never minded because CB always boomerang back to each other.  But this season's motivations and SLs, and the way Dair was done was just dirty.  I am mostly offended by the bum deal Dan and especially Blair's characterizations have gotten.  There WAS a way to do Dair, but this is just egregiously offensive.




And that promo is terrible.  I know Dair fans are spinning it, but honestly, if my ship was going to be sunk for your ship, you deserve better.  But Chair fans are convinced that Safran is just mocking us, and I am convinced along with them.  I just hope the fandom can eventually heal.  But I think it will get worse before it gets any better. 

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yes i feel betrayed.... it was built up so that you fall in love with Blair and Chuck and now poof enters Dan, who previously was obsessed with Serena.

But this season's motivations and SLs, and the way Dair was done was just dirty.  I am mostly offended by the bum deal Dan and especially Blair's characterizations have gotten.  There WAS a way to do Dair, but this is just egregiously offensive.^^ agreed....  Blair was pregnant, married, cheating even?! I feel as if the writers have ruined my favourite character this season... its not fair.

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Blair was pregnant, married, cheating even?! I feel as if the writers have ruined my favourite character this season... its not fair.

this ^^

Include being fickle and retarded 

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@Dr. Holland, I don't know what to make of the whole Chair fan's twitter petition and allerged threats. On one hand (being a guy) I find myself relating to Dan's character a lot more than Chuck. In fact, I don't know any guys that fit his description at all in real life (i.e rich and broadingly unhappy). Blair's character seems more realistic as well (yes, even with the whole pregancy, marriage, and cheating). It sounds like an insult to women, but Blair's character this season just means that girls these days are flawed (soap opera flawed).

I'm actually not returning to the threads for the sake of Chair fans. I know that they've been written for more poorly than for Dair fans. It's best and within their rights to vent their frustration. As for me, I'll support the poorly written show until to the end. I'll watch it live on 7 central, I'll Tivo it, I'll buy an itunes copy for my iPhone 4gs, and I'll order the dvds' from Amazon.com when it eventually comes out. Until I know that the series is renewed for a final season, I'll try my best to refrain from bashing on Chair (at least I do it only in confines of a Dair only thread).

As for the TVD, I hope they don't follow the flawed problems of Gossip Girl into their series. Gossip Girl had only a few books and sequels to draw upon up to their epic seasons 1-2 (a small bit of 3). But as for the Vampire Diaries,  it has 9 books, with actual plots to them. The love triangle in that series exists for a reason. Book Elena is sort of a polygamist. She doesn't actually choose. She sort of has one arc with one character at a time and then another arc with another love interest. In the supernatural universe, I can let it go that a girl can be fickle and etc. Ships and endgames shouldn't even exist in TVD because it's not ending and not conclusive. If the TVD followed the books, they wouldn't be blamed for following a plot. And the fans should understand that...

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The show won't be cancelled as long as they make money.

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Uncle Jackass:  I think the weekly trending campaigns are cute, and I support them, but I really don't have much to say directly to the writers.  I keep saying on our thread that I've seen this happen in fandoms before.  Even if the writers initially intended to reunite Chair, crazy fans could very well convince them not to.  I think that you Dair fans are in a good position, because right now, the fan war is between the Chair fandom and the writers.  Having shipped some great, sunken ships, I'm astounded by the insecurity.  I think this has to be the ship I've sailed that's had the most canon basis. 




In my view, Chair can compete in the long run.  Chuck, who was raised by reptiles (dad was a suspected murderer and ruthless businessman, mom was a cold calculating bitch with no maternal instincts, and coked-out rapist uncle Jack is a picture of Chuck in 15 years if he hadn't met/fell for Blair) is actually growing the hell up.  Whether or not that means Chair is endgame, it means something.  But instead of maintaining grace under fire, we're screaming.  I get it right after the ep... I was pissed too, especially at the recycled lines... but gah, deep breaths, people.




I can see where most guys can relate more to Dan than to Chuck.  Chuck, in the novels, but even in the series (where I think Ed Westwick's done quite a bit to make him a fan favorite -- C in the GG books was meh) is definitely a "heightened reality" character.  Dan, on the other hand, is this well meaning Everyman stuck on the UES through a series of fortunate events.  He thinks very highly of himself, and he's a little callous with girls on the downside of relationships (I'm still reeling over V's treatment -- that was his best friend since kindergarten, and in the end, I wish he'd listened to her mother and not crossed that line with her).  Now, I think many of us girls find the Chuck character interesting and exciting not because we like abuse (LOL - no - as if), but because the dark, handsome billionaire alpha male who drawls sweet nothings in your ear and rocks your world in bed each time is sort of the female answer to the brainless blonde bimbo with big boobs and long legs.  For me, the bad parenting thing is actually what I love most about Chuck.  My dad died when I was a year or so older than Chuck was when Bart croaked.  So for me as a female Chuck fan, it's not that I want him, it's that I want him to have a happy ending.





Now, I also get why many girls relate to Blair, and I do too in some ways.  But to me, after being a wonderful dark Queen B counterbalance to Serena's flighty sunshiny It-Girl in season 1, Blair over the past two seasons has become the worst kind of Mary Sue.  What made Blair endearing in early seasons is that she was the HBIC, she was beautiful and beguiling, but she also worked damn hard for every single thing that came into her grasping, dainty hands.  "Naked striving" is how I think Leighton Meester put it, and I think that's what the best of Blair was, actually.  Until she hit the roadblock she never overcame -- NYU -- you couldn't help but root for her.  And I think that's what many younger Chair fans, who actually DID love Blair (I hate when people say that our ship's all about Chuck and not Blair -- hell, he and Yale were the twin focus of her senior year!) are reacting to.  Instead of the hard work and striving, everything falls into Blair's lap starting in season 3.  Instead of kicking ass and taking names in the end at NYU, she gets Columbia handed to her.  Then Louis and Dan.  The last vestige of the Blair we loved was the W internship, but instead of going along with that, and perhaps fairly exploring Dair back then WHILE they both worked and gave Chair a real run for their money (that actually scared the crap out of me during season 4), they let it stay on the shelf to do Blouis. I love B, so much, but I cannot relate to her anymore.  And that's not because of Dair.  I didn't get her even in 5x10.  She seems so lost and confused this season to me.



I don't mind Dan.  My husband's a Dan.  Most of our husbands are Dans - stand up guys with a bit of hypocrisy and insufferable male ego.  But I don't have to see or root for Dan on TV, just like male viewers aren't lusting over the Vanessas of the world.  (I'm a Vanessa.)





And like many other regulars here on your ship, you're a class act.  As for me, I'm screaming about what's happened to Chair, but I'm still here, aren't I?  I do care about what happens to Chuck, and I don't care if that makes me a Chuckistan (LOL).  So I want to see him grow.  If Chair's reunited, I'll be overjoyed.  If Chair is endgame, I'll cry oceans (it'll be my first ship in nearly 2 decades to actually "come in" on a TV series, movie series, etc. -- I'm always riding ships that sink).  BUT if not, I want him happy.  I want our Chuck to show that yes, people CAN change, they CAN be better, they CAN be redeemed.

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Its only on for one more season(half the amount of episodes though) so as long as things get fixed before it end. The writters are running out of ideas therefore they're just repeating them. I have a feeling that te last few episodes of this show will be disappointing :(

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