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Jenny, Full of Grace

Jenny kisses Damian, but get busted by Lily. Dan and Vanessa spend the night together while Serena and Nate finally share their true feelings for each other.

The Lady Vanished

Chuck Bass and his mother, Elizabeth Laura Harring meet at a restaraunt, and Blair, Serena and Nate watch from another table. Serena and Nate are acting odd, and Blair suspects something. Chuck doesn't want to listen to his mother and writes out a large check so she can to leave. Serena Sees Elizabeth checking out and stops her. Elizabeth explains her story and later Serena finds out that her dad left when she was a little girl. Jenny finds Damian. Jenny has raided Lily's medicine cabinate.While Chuck is talking to Nate he sees his mother leave.

Kiss Me, Nate

(rumor) Jenny Kisses Nate, and now becomes in a complicated love triangle between Serena, Nate and herself

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Cannot wait for the Serena/Nate/Jenny triangle. Finally! 

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I thought Chuck's Mom's name was Evelyn

Who the hell is Elizabeth?

And where is Jack???

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This is from wikipedia. Not reliable at all.

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Jenny has raided Lily's medicine cabinate.

haha. that made me laugh. im so excited for these episodes to come!

i was really hoping for a new promo this week, but i doubt we will get one until the other shows start up again.


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Well finally a) someone posted this and b)gossip girl is getting back interesting! :)

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Oh for fuck sakes, you guys actually believe this? It's Wikipedia, tools.

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And I'm just kidding.

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lmao; do you guys believe wikepedia?

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