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I've just rewatched 4x08, and I've been wondering what Juliet's agenda is, and what Ben wants her to do.

So. we know the following:

- Ben was a teacher.

- Serena was the crazy party pre-series Serena from boarding school.

- Lily pays Juliet to keep her mouth shut about whatever Serena got up to in boarding school.

Okay, now here are the key points:

- Remember Damien from season 3? He was the sketchy but pretty badass drug dealer that Jenny didn't have sex with that one time, and that caused unnecessary drama. I liked him. Also, he was hot. Anyway, remember that story that he told Serena or Jenny or someone, nobody cares who, about Serena doing stuff with a teacher at a Bed & Breakfast or staying overnight or something? You do? Good. Me too. I think, and hope, that it's going to come into play here.

- Okay, the set photos from the 20th of October. Serena was wearing an outfit that looked very very much like a uniform (at least the blazer with the emblem thing did) - this could have been a flashback? Damien was also there, and he knows about the Serena plus a teacher plus a bed+breakfast thing, so either someone (Jenny, maybe?) called him there to go against Serena, or Blair got him there to find out what really happened, which sounds like it makes more sense, especially as we've seen the two talking in pictures. Apparently, Ben was seen on set too - but I haven't seen any proof of this. I just read it somewhere - I can't even remember where.

If you haven't gathered my general point by now, let me just sum it up (that was just the evidence. :P). I think that Serena had sex with Ben that one time in the Bed & Breakfast, and that's why he's in jail - statutory rape (i don't know anything about US law, someone correct me if that makes zero sense)?

Please remember that these are just conclusions that I've drawn from rewatching season four and reading spoilers / looking at the set photos, and all that this is, is simply me speculating. I hope it makes some sort of sense. It did make more sense the first time I wrote it, and was a lot longer, but my internet messed up so it didn't post. That wasn't inconvenient at all. :/

I'd love to hear everybody's thoughts on my theory, and to hear about what you all think Juliet and Ben are up to, and what on earth did Serena do?


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I agree! Thats what I was thinking too! When I heard it 4x08 when Juliet mentioned that she remebered how different Ben was when he was a teacher, instantly I knew that that would be connected to Serena...I guessed that Serena had something going on with him in boarding school...but then how does Lily come into this? That part confuses me the most.


Anyways I do agree that it would be more likely for Blair to ask him what happened then for Jenny to try to get him help destroy her...since I'm pretty sure Jenny dislikes him and I'm not sure if she's going to find out the reason why Juliet is trying to destroy Serena before everyone else.


Although you're theory has tonnes of proof and evidence in the back of my mind I keeep thinking "it cant be that simple" For them to be dragging this storyline on for so long it has to be something less pretictable...and for Ben despising her that much..didn't Juliet or Ben mention that she had ruined their entire family and not just Ben's life? Though I guess that WOULD make sense since It appeared as though everyone in their family, inclding Colin, thought Ben was guilty except for Juliet who beleives he is innocent...so I guess this whole thing made Juliets Family kind of hate Ben?


This is why I love season 4! You have to think real hard about the sl's and even the spoilers are hard to understand...its very mysterious...anyways I think my 2 paragraphs were pretty much useless since they dont really help..but they are my opinion...anyways you are very smart Ari :) thanks for posting this topic


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2 paragraphs  3 and a half paragraphs

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thanks (:

that's what i was thinking, too

the sex explanation seems too easy.

but idek

thats what all the evidence points to right now.

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I think that is what they want us to believe...but i read a spoiler that said Lily pays Juliet money to keep quiet...and Serena will get upset with Lily, because she says she didn't do anything.

Colin said Ben pled Guilty. for whatever he did.

if it was statatory Rape...this is something that would not have been kept from Lily at the time..because Serena was a minor. so it has to be something close but not that.

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Serena will get upset with Lily, because she says she didn't do anything.

this is serena we're talking about here. she's probably like, "i had sex with some teacher? huh. i don't remember that." :P

but i do believe that this is a too easy explanation. just my thoughts which could lead to the real story.

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Its what I thought it must be about too but if it is I will be a bit dissapppointed considering how long the whole thing has been dragged out. I also thought it was something not just against Serena but against her family too so maybe there is more to it which explains Lily being involved?

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i think this everything leads to this big serena and lily story. in so many ways, both are really similiar. if there is one person which knows how serena is feeling then its lily.

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